Friday , January 19 2018
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Man gets electrocuted as he tries to steal Proastiakos train cables

A Roma man was electrocuted and died on the spot as he tried to steal cables from the Proastiakos train rails. The tragic incident occurred in the early morning hours of Friday in Menidi area of eastern Athens. According to Greek media, the man, 35, died as he was trying to cut the cables. 

His lifeless body was found later on the rails by the driver of a Proastiakos train.

Proastiakos traffic from Kiato to Airport are delayed but normal traffic is expected to resume during the day.

Cables theft is a practice almost on daily basis, as the steel cover is sold to scrap companies.

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One comment

  1. I wouldn’t call it tragic. Not to be harsh but I’d call it evolution, or the Darwin Award. Google it. Every year, I think in the USA, they give the Darwin awards to people like this Roma who inadvertently remove themselves from the gene pool and make our human race that much smarter since their stupidity has been removed.

    I would feel much more sorrier for the New Yorker who was pushed by the crazy person, than a Roma thief who got killed while in the execution of a crime.