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Greek PM in Berlin: “Effort” is the key word for Samaras’ government rhetorics

We, here in Greece, have been hearing the word “effort” since Samaras coalition government took power in June 2012. Some 20 to  30 times per day, we hear and/or read this magical word: EFFORT – especially when it comes to show the … efforts the Greek government make to get the country back in track. There is no chance you hear a government official speaking on television, radio or to newspaper without using the bingo-euphemism word EFFORT and thus more than one time pro interview or statement.

 Effort : a vigorous or determined attempt (dictionary).

There are times when I think that the whole government pro-austerity rhetoric is packed in this one single word that is covering all the negative austerity impact on people’s real lives like melted chocolate. Then every government EFFORT normally translates into additional austerity measures in form of  new direct and indirect taxes and levies and income cuts. All this is summarized in one word; in one title: EFFORT.

And at the very end, all this government’s effort to meet its commitments towards its lenders is just an ..attempt. That is an act of trying to achieve something, an act that normally is not certain to be crowned with success.

At the very end, all this government effort could land in failure and the government could then declare “it was just an effort“. No sense of responsibility and be blessed everyone.

 As I mentioned above, we have been hearing this since last June. Today, it was the turn of German to get inflicted with the Greek governments’ effort.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday morning. Before their talks the two leaders held a press conference.

“I would like at the outset to make clear that our country is making enormous efforts, accompanied by great sacrifices, to get things back on the right path,” Samaras told reporters before his talks with Merkel.

“We are trying to win back credibility, among the peoples of Europe and among the financial markets,” he said, adding that Greece had adopted a raft of measures to achieve this goal and to get liquidity flowing to businesses again.

“This and investments are the two big elements which are necessary for our country, a country that is indeed suffering a great deal, above all from the scourge of unemployment, especially among young people.” (Reuters)

Antonis Samaras told also Germans about his government effort to combat tax evasion 🙂

A bursted government effort

 In the context of the Greek effort Samaras’ government deputy FINMIN was forced to withdraw a clause in the new taxation system according to which certain professions like electricians and plumbers would not be obliged to issue receipts, if they had annual income of 10,000 euro in 2012. A government politician, MP or official ( I failed to take notes), told private Skai TV this morning, that this measure was aiming to representatives of these professions in small villages who do not make a lot of profit.

After a general outcry by other proffesional groups and  taxpayers like employees and pensioners, the government effort to exclude certain guilds and potential voters from the tax burden was successfully withdrawn as a … bursted effort .

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  1. I feel ya… really

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    so, it’s not only me…

  3. No it isn’t.
    Let me make an effort to write about another great example of a busted effort:
    Once there was, and still is, a huge diesel fraud. with just two refineries in this country the government was still unwilling to tackle that problem at the root. To many vested interests. So it made an effort to plug that gab by equalizing the price of household petrol and diesel. Resulting in a tripling of the prize of household petrol. People could not afford that and started to make an effort to heat their homes with wood. This effort resulted in a massive brown smokescreen over Athens and other cities.
    Meanwhile the government made a busted effort in stopping illegal logging and wood imports.
    So, their efforts to create more income due to those higher taxes and prices and stop any illegal trading in oil products busted. And the air quality was rapidly deteriorating.
    Now the Development Ministry is making an effort to solve that problem by making an effort to create a mechanism of providing subsidies for converting conventional fireplaces into modern, cleaner ones.
    After all these busted efforts they are making yet another effort to cure something that they created themselves not by making an effort to get back on their stupid mistaken efforts, but by adding another one.
    Because the only ones who will have to make big efforts will be the average Greek who wants some heat in his house.
    An effort to obtain all the necessary forms and permits to rebuild their fire places. An effort to choose from the 1 or 2 fireplaces allowed by the government to be placed when you want the subsidy. And as always those 1 or 2 manufacturers will happen to be, by pure chance of course, some people that are closely linked to the politicians and their parties. Oh and I predict a 10 page memorandum with rules and regulations on which wood can be burned. Also only available at the koumbaros of some well known politician or his family…
    Let’s make a big effort to not kid ourselves again: These efforts are killing us and not them who think they can fool us into believing that they make efforts for our benefit.

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    never give up the effort, AntonisX.
    excellent blog-post! Had I invested more time I could also gathered all bursted efforts and write down a big bubble effort.

  5. As long as we can afford the effort… *LOL*

  6. keeptalkinggreece

    lol and it’s not undergone austerity efforts cuts