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Social Cooperatives: Greece’s new scheme to get rid of municipality workers; 48h strike, Feb 13-14/2013

POE-OTA, union of workers at Greek municipalities called for a 48-hour strike on February 13-14, 2013. The strike decision comes as expression of solidarity to workers at social services offered by local governments.

POE-OTA demands that municipalities continue to offer social services, that workers received outstanding payments and opposes government and local governments plans to cancel these social services and proceed to the establishment of so-called “social cooperatives”.

A protest rally is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Feb 13th, at 10 a.m., Kalfthmonos square, downtown Athens.

According to POE-OTA, the social cooperatives  is the new ‘fruit” of austerity agreements between Greece and its lenders.

Social cooperatives: Municipalities will cancel the social services (“Help at Home”, municipality kindergartens, music schools). The main principle is that these services will be offered and managed by social cooperatives, that is by ‘cooperatives’ established in the context of ‘social business scheme’, according to which jobless (ex) municipality workers will be the shareholders.

Funding: start capital to be given by the municipality. Private funding by ‘rich residents’ possible.

Earnings: Cooperative shareholders get paid only if they are also workers at the cooperative.

Earnings distribution:

5% goes to funding reserve.

35% goes to workers.

60% goes to cooperative activities and the creation of new work places. (

To make the long and strange new social business scheme short, municipalities will not longer provide social services to its residents. As sectors will be scrapped and workers will be laid-off, the former  and now jobless employees will have to establish businesses and get paid a minimum of a piece of bread and a slice of cheese.

PS “social cooperatives”? It sounds to me like privatizing the Sowjet unions… I would never thought that the capitalistic Troika would use features of Communism…


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  1. have they started closing police stations yet?
    hospitsls could be next
    ours might as well be closed in ireland
    people in rural ares are rightfully scared

  2. I’ve been impressed that Greek authorities are quick to do the “Epistratefsi” or civil mobilization quickly now. So, let them pound their chests for a few days, and then Samaras will restore order. I have to admit I do like the new civil mobilization mode and this would be very interesting to see how it works with taxi drivers and farmers should they strike for more than the norm..

    Good for greece that they are finally taking this seriously and not allowing these pirates to take over Greece with their strikes.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    why to apply civil mobilization to taxi drivers (not essential for publci life) and farmers ( do they produce?)

  4. Good for greece that they are finally taking this seriously and not allowing these pirates to take over Greece with their strikes.

    At least these pirates would be Greek pirates taking over their own country, whcih they are perfectly entilted to.
    Right now, Greece has been taken over by the International Mafia of Finance (IMF) who hold both country and people to ransom while looting the place to compensate their clients for the gambling losses these clients made through their all the get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes they unleashed on the world and back fired on them…

  5. You have to begin a general strike “no end” and
    to go on as far as the government falls.
    After the next election, Greece,Italy, Portugal
    Spain and Ireland have to go out of euro all
    If not your tragedy will never get to an end.

  6. …social services (“Help at Home”, municipality kindergartens, music schools)

    In a lot of countries kindergartens and music schools are considered to be “social services”. And even “Help at Home” is often not done by the municipality but by specialized organisations that are hired by the municipality to do that job. OK, there might be subsidies involved, but that’s it.
    So, I don’t understand what this is all about? What is the big and nasty problem, because I could not distil that from your post.
    And last point: Cooperations has nothing to do with Sovjet practises persé. Campina/Frisia, one of the bigger dairy companies in the world is a cooperation. So are big banks like the RABO Bank in Holland. Nothing communist there, I can assure you all.
    But having said all this, I am wondering what point I missed here…

  7. I fully support cooperatives but ‘social cooperatives’ are not 100% private business cooperatives when it comes to earnings distribution. they will still be under state/municipalities control but in a kind of self-management and a minimum of profit options.

  8. Yes, that’s the way it is organized here too. So what’s the problem?

  9. too late to reply to this

  10. I always forget the time difference… well then I will walk my dog now. 🙂