Good buys! Emir of Qatar purchases six Greek islands

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No one, not two, not three…. The Emir of Qatar purchased a whole bunch of Greek islands. Six! They all belong to Exinades island group in the Ionian Sea. The most expensive of the six is Oxia island, for which the generous investor reportedly gave 4,900,000 euro for the purchase.

buying everything that swims: fish or island

Speaking to news portal, the mayor of nearby Ithaki island, claimed that the Emir of Qatar wanted to buy one island for each of his 24 children and build palaces on them.

“We have just 18 islands around the area, he has 24 children, that is 6 islands are missing,” mayor Ioannis Kassianos said adding that the emir was planning to have a bathroom of 250 square meters and therefore he face some problems with the urban planning authorities.

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has 11 sons and 13 daughters and three wives. So I assume, he would need three more islands to spend relaxing days with each of the three wives…

PS do not ask me! I have no idea how much the Emir will have to pay for ’emergency property tax’. This refers to ‘properties that receive electricity” anyway 🙂