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Orchomenos: Farmers verbally attack Agriculture Minister distributing fruits

The gesture of Agriculture Minister to personally distribute fruits to school children provoked the anger of local farmers in Orchomenos. On Thursday morning, Minister Athanasios Tsaftaris visited the 2nd elementary school and distributed fruits to the students in the context of the European program for the promotion of fruits to schools.

The farmers of the area considered the minister’s gesture as offensive and provocative, as it took place short after the farmers’ protests, with Orchomenos farmers playing a significant role.

Moreover the farmers complained that most of the fruits distributed to the schools were not even Greek.

Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture started on Thursday the distribution of fruits and fruit salads to 3,522 schools in 11 from the 13 regions of Greece.  The program is funded by the European Union in the context of health food education in schools.

364,665 students will benefit from the program and thus in times when the economic crisis forces families to send their children to school without meal or some euro to buy a snack.

According to local news portal, the minister and the general secretary left the area telling the ‘indignant’ farmers that “we did what we could.”

For a whole month farmers in many Greek regions blocked highways and organized protests denouncing the government policies and demanding among others cheaper fuel and electricity.


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