Cases of Greek starving children increase

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We read about them here and there. A child in Central Greece or a child in Peloponnese. Children that go to school and faint of starvation. Latest example, the case of a second-grade student who fainted on his way to school in Patras. When the teachers asked the boy, if he had any physical complaint, the boy told them, he  didn’t have any proper meal for two days, except some milk. Local newsportal PatrasTimes reported that the parents’ of other children and the teachers association collected food and supplied the family.

Two days earlier, the director of an elementary school from Trikala wrote an open letter about a six-year-old child in her class. “After almost a week of school absence, the child returned to school, emaciated, cachectic, with trembling all over his body. The parents of this little child are unemployed. They live in a slum. They lack even the bread. they literally starving. I saw these conditions as I paid a visit to their home. But not only this child is undernourished. ”

The school director of Gomfwn calls her colleagues to write down the cases of malnutrition in the prefecture’s schools and take action against it, collecting aid from several organisations.

Where’s the school breakfast?

The governments’ plans to distribute breakfast, sandwiches, milk and snacks to schools to catch up the case of starvation has not been materialize yet.

Only plan that came into effect is the free distribution of fruits in the context of EU promotion of fresh fruits and healthy eating habits to school children. The free distribution started yesterday, Thursday.

Teachers and 148 students in an elementary school in Irakleio, Crete were badly surprised when they opened their fruit-boxes distributed on Friday morning: many fruits were rotten, while others were off season, meaning they were not fresh but had come from the fridges of fruit suppliers.

Yes, only private initiative counts in times when the only care of the state is to negotiate with the Troika more lay-offs, imposing of unbearable taxes and other austerity measures that kill the income of millions of Greek households.

PS yeap! I can trick my hunger with an apple… but only if I am on diet…