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Extreme-right Golden Dawn submits anti-racism bill

Racist party Golden Dawn submitted to the Greek Parliament an anti-racism bill proposal. aim of GD is to combat racism against Greeks.  The bill proposal wants legal actions in order to combat crime committed by illegal immigrants against Greeks. And furthermore also measures against those who “distort Greek history.”

The draft law states: “Any person who intentionally, publicly, orally or through the press, through the internet or any other means or manner, praising, maliciously denies or nullifies the importance genocide against Greeks, should be punished with imprisonment for at least two years and pay a penalty between 10,000 and  20,000 euros. ” (

The anti-racism bill that has to be introduced so that Greece complies with EU standards has divided Samaras’ coalition government partners. PASOK and Democratic Left submitted their own bill, Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia its own version, while main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA had its won draft bill prepared.

With the submission of Golden Dawn, the only Greek Parliament parties that did not submit their own anti-racism bills are Communist KKE and nationalist Independent Greeks.

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