Troika-Greek gov’t agree to civil servants lay-offs; Public sector declares strike, Jul 8/2013

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Greece’s public sector unions umbrella ADEDY will launch a half-day strike on Monday, July 8th 2013 to protest the upcoming mass lay-offs in the public sector. The strike will stat at 12 o’ clock noon. There will be a gathering at 12:30 at Karaiskaki Square in downtown Athens and a march to Ministry of Administrative Reform.

After 3-year delay the Greek government has no other choice but to accept the Troika demands to trim down the country’s public sector. At least on the paper …. because every time what-ever Greek government agrees on the paper but it never proceeds to fulfill the given promise.

This time the Troika was adamant on the issue and even used the same blackmail weapon as in the past when Greece’s lenders AND the Greek government wanted to push some austerity measures and force the Greek citizens to accept them: “Either reforms (wages, pensions, health care cuts, tax hikes) or no bailout money”.

This time the slogan was “either lay-off or no next bailout tranche.”

After the usual ‘tough negotiations’ Greek Administrative Reform minister and Troika agreed on the dismissal of 4,000 civil servants, the “transfer” of 12,500 people and “labor reserve” of total 25,000 people until the end of the year.

Labor reserve: The personnel will be sent home with 75% of the salary for 6-9 months. If no a new position will be found for them – to replace those who left the public service due to retirement – the personnel will be dismissed.


5,000 secondary education teachers will be transferred to primary education.

2,000 teachers will be on ‘labor reserve’

2,500-3,000 municipality personnel will be on ‘labor reserve’.

End of Municipality Police

HA! Why do Greeks need municipality police? Away with them!

There are 4,000 municipality policemen, 1,100 of them in the Greek capital with the four million inhabitants.

The Troika/Government plan foresees that the majority of municipality policemen (3,500 or more or less, it doesn’t make any difference) people will be transferred to Greek police and the rest will be dismissed.

Video: unionists boo the Troikans in general and IMF’s Thomsen in particular. They think, he cared? Unless his translator made the mistake to translate the Greek swearing into English.

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Despite the agreement the Greek government has still to do a lot of work to fill the numeric gaps and meet the targets.

Yes, the numbers seem high because until now the government managed to dismiss a whole of four (4) civil servants. It did not manage to dismiss even those who have been charged and judged for breaching of duty, stealing money from the public service and/or committed other criminal acts.

ALAS! Now the masses will  will get a kick in the ass and will be allowed to go home and be paid for up to six or 9 months with 75% of their former salary. Whether they were good civil servants or not. Whether they have jobless family members, mortgages, sick parents, studying children or whatever obligations.

Folks, I agree with the lay-offs of civil servants but not in the usual elephant-in-a-porcelain-shop Greek way.

And yet, the dismissals have to be seen in real world…

There is always a reason to mock about what happening in Greece – ALWAYS! 🙂

PS typos! typos! typos! Those to be dismissed are not “people”, they are “numbers”.