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Greek police searches for biological parents of little blond girl found in Roma settlement

A shock in the assumption the little girl may have been abducted by a couple. Or was it a failed illegal adoption of a new born? A blond girl, approximately four years old, was found in a Roma settlement in Farsala in Central Greece.  she was kept by a couple that claimed it was their daughter. A DNA test revealed that the Roma man and woman were not her biological parents. While the police does not exclude the possibility of an illegal adoption that had failed, it ordered the prosecutor to publish the pictures of the girl in a search of its biological parents – not only in Greece but worldwide. Police estimates the girl was removed from her biological parents in 2009.

Greek Security Department in Larissa asks citizens who might know something on the case to report it under phone numbers: +30 2410683171 and +30 2410683184 & 5. (source:, and others)

Police located the girl on Wednesday, after an anonymous caller told police that a little blond girl was living in the Roma settlement and that it was not member of the family.

girl kept by Roma Greece

According to local media, the girl is estimated to be between 4 and 6 years old, while she speaks Roma and very little Greek.

The mobilization of the police was immediate. Dozens of police officers carried out an operation in the camp and located the girl. A man and a woman who lived in the same accommodation with the girl claimed they were the girl’s parents. The woman claimed first, she was the mother and that the girl’s father was a blond Canadian man. Later she claimed the girl’s father was from Bulgaria.

They were taken to police station with the prosecutor ordering a DNA test. After the test revealed that the girl was not their daughter, the couple claimed it had adopted the girl when she was newborn. However they could not submit papers confirming the adoption.

“The pregnant mother had visited the camp, gave birth to the child and left it to the couple to raise her,” the couple allegedly told the police, Greek media report. Police was not convinced from the statement. Further investigation revealed that the couple was receiving child benefits for ten children, who could not be located though.

The couple has been arrested.

girl kept by Roma Greece1

The girl was given to “Child’s Smile” (Xamogelo toy paidioy), a Greek NGO taking care of abused and missing children. the Chairman of XtP told private Skai TV, that the girl may have been of North European or Eastern European origin. The NGO is in contact with organizations dealing with missing children worldwide.

People having information about the case may also call To Xamogelo toy Paidioy in <116000>.









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