Outstanding taxes? Greek FinMin to confiscate homes and assets without further notice

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State debtors will be given a deadline of 30 days to repay their debts or make installment arrangements in order to escape seizure of their homes, cars, assets and bank account deposits. The threatening circular was issued by Secretary of Revenues Haris Theocharis on the third day of the new year, while the state still owes some 5-6 billion euros to private companies.

The circular stipulates that in case of non-payment of overdue taxes, a notification will be sent to the debtor who will have to go to tax office and either pay his debt or make an arrangement. The debtor will have a mercy period of 30 days.

If the debtor will not meet his obligations, any assets, possessions or bank account deposits will be confiscated by the Greek state without further notice.

Greek media reported that the minimum installment is can be paid is 15 euro.

Fifteen euro is not much but is the world for the low pensioner and the jobless who is called to pay taxes according to income he does not have. The infamous: deemed income, or virtual income as I call it.

It has nothing to do with tax evasion but with inability to pay taxes for income one does not have. So simple.

PS No, the Greek state does not accept Bitcoins.