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Just A FEW HOURS LEFT for KTG’s Crowdfunding – Help the Blog alive also in 2016!

Very last chance to help KeepTalkingGreece’s Crowdfunding and secure reporting in English – directly from Athens also for 2016.  Crowdfunding will not bring Primary Surplus but will cover website operation expenses for 2015 and 2016 plus other technical issues. And Website Upgrade 🙂

We’re just 1% away from reaching half of original goal. If it were for the IMF’s wording, we may “not reach a Primary Surplus other than 0%”  but we could achieve some kind of “sustainability” that will help us grow – and of course, keep reporting directly from Athens also for the months to come.

The Campaign ends on 13. February 2016 Midnight – which Midnight? according to which Time zone? I have no idea! Deadline must be at 10 am GR time. Take a look further down at the Indiegogo Contributions Widget.

With the countdown running… the day was so incredible exciting! The Campaign ended on 14. February 2016 at 10 .a.m. GR time , not on <13th> lol.

If you missed the deadline and yet want to support, please, send me an email to keeptalkinggreece AT com and we can find other ways for your valuable contribution.

Please, make a donation now to help an independent Greek media voice!

Thank you 🙂

Based on the latest stats … we would need another two months to reach 100% of our original goal. But that’s not possible. Indiegogo was kind enough to give us one month extension. And this can be done only once.

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  1. Bernardo Brito e Cunha

    Is it over? How are things?

  2. yes it is. hm…50% – commissions and some extras. no idea how much really