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Fast Forward Festival 4 – Visual Arts, Theater, Dance 2-14 MAY 2017

A contemporary festival, reclaiming public and private spaces in Athens and Piraeus, taking place within a fortnight. The 4th Fast Forward Festival explores the notion of home, of forced displacement and global strategies of precarization through socially engaged artistic practices.

Can art imagine an alternative to our dominant models for living? Can an artistic project unsettle the current global strategies of precarization and the return of identity politics?

Can artists create new sharing spaces which break free of the dominant mechanisms of enclosure and overcome the social stigmatization of the Other?

The 4th Fast Forward Festival focuses on the notion of home both physical and mental, temporal and ordinary, familiar and unfamiliar. Rejecting doctrinaire strategies which blur art and life, the international and Greek artists of the 4th FFF will attempt to engage the audience in strong, formally diverse artistic interventions which operate in the borderlands between installation, performance, film and architecture.

Reappropriating public and private spaces in Athens’ historic centre but also on the capital’s periphery, the 4th FFF will critically and imaginatively explore contemporary issues of precariousness, involuntary nomadism, homelessness and neighbourliness within the realms of the social and the political.

Invisible City

Gregor Schneider

2-14 MAY 2017

Omonoia Square, Athens
Outside the OCC

One of Germany’s most controversial visual artists, Gregor Schneider, transforms Omonia Square into a place of shelter, a neutral zone hidden from attackers and the watchful eye of Google maps alike.

Free admission

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Don’t Follow the Wind
Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva & Franco Mattes and Jason Waite
Fast Forward Festival 4

2-14 MAY 2017

Classical Acropol Hotel Athens (1, Pireos St., Omonoia)
Outside the OCC
Ongoing inside the radioactive Fukushima exclusion zone, the inaccessible and unseen exhibition opens a “Non-Visitor Center” in Athens. New works dealing with forced displacement inhabit an abandoned building tackling the Greek reality.
General admission fee: 3 €

Piraeus / Heterochronia
Hikaru Fujii
Fast Forward

2-14 MAY 2017

Screening points at the starting points of “Piraeus/Heterotopia”:

Janeiro Cafeteria | Omonia Square | Athens
Floating Museum “Hellas Liberty” | Akti Vasiliadi , Silo building | Gate Ε2 | Piraeus

Outside the OCC

International Symposium: “On Homelands and the Stateless as the World Tilts Right”

13-14 MAY 2017
Upper Stage
The symposium will be held in English.
An international symposium co-organized by the Fast Forward Festival and Creative Time (New York) that brings together international and Greek delegations of artists, curators, cultural administrators, and organizers to address the challenges facing progressive artists and activist communities under prevailing economic and political conditions.

Full FFF4 program here

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