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Appeals court acquits anarchist Theofilou of armed robbery, terror organization charges

A five-member criminal appeals court ruled on Friday that Tasos Theofilou, serving 25 years in prison for armed robbery, was innocent of all charges.

Theofilou had been in prison since his arrest over his alleged involvement in a deadly armed robbery at a branch of Alpha Bank on the island of Paros in 2012, where a tax driver was killed. He as arrested a couple of days after the robbery in Athens.

He was also acquitted of the charge of being a member of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire urban guerrilla group.

Theofilou was acquitted with 3:2 votes of all the charges that included “establishment and being a member in a terror organization,  homicide by intent, attempted homicide, robbery, construction-purchase-procession of explosives, procession of weapons,” and others.

One of the court member who voted against was defending the position Theofilou should have been sentenced to all charges. Another member defended that Theofilou should have been found guilty for “robbery, weapons procession, acceptance of stolen goods and  counterfeiting.”

If the appeals court had accepted the prosecutor’s proposal, he could have faced a life sentence.

The ruling was welcomed with applause, slogans and cheers by his supporter.

Theofilou had declared in court that he is an anarchist and communist.

“The final ruling on his case on Friday means he will walk free later in the day, Kathimerini wrote.

Friday afternoon, Tasos Theofilou was released from prison. He served 5 years.

Commenting on Theofilou’s the case, news website news247.gr, noted that the indictment was based on poor evidence and that the whole case had ‘the hat of fabrication.’ He was arrested after an anonymous phone call point at him out, the website adds.

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