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UPD Greek mother who injured in Barcelona terror attack died

UPDATE: the news of the death of the woman doe snot seem to confirm. by Fridat noon, Greek media report that the woman is ‘clinically dead’.

Early Friday morning, KTG reported citing a Greek website that seemed to have been in contact with her family:

The Greek mother of two who got injured in terror attack in Barcelona died on Friday morning, a Greek news website reports.  The woman suffered serious head injuries in the attack a week ago. She underwent surgery that lasted eight hours.

Thursday afternoon, she was clinically dead.

She didn’t make it.

The two children of the woman were slightly injured and are in good health.

According to information of news website, the woman’s family decided to spend her organs. Her body will be cremated in Spain.

She is the 16th victim killed in Las Ramblas on August 17th 2017.


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