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German tourist chicanes cab driver: Due to Greek debt you should transport us for free

Every once in a while a German tourist pops up in Greece seeking fun without paying, claiming Greeks owe to German taxpayers.

Media in Crete report of a German woman who refused to pay for a taxi ride claiming “You owe us money, anyway.”

The woman needed a ride from Chania to Platanas, and asked a cab driver at the taxi queue about the fixed price. When he said the price was 16 euro, she told him “Instead to take us somewhere for free because you owe us money, you ask us to pay you.”

The taxi driver got upset and asked a colleague to take the woman to her destination.

Upon arrival,the taximeter was showing 18 euro -instead of 16 – because she wanted to go further than Platanas.

The passenger got upset and refused to pay. The cab driver told her he would call the police. The woman threw a 20-euro bank note at the driver and left the taxi.

…and then the hell broke out between the local taxi drivers association and some websites  including local media, that claimed the incident was fake news.

I don’t know what’s the problem between local media and the taxi drivers association. At the very end the incident turned to be true, while the problem had to do with bad copy-paste and misunderstanding  that I am a bit much too busy to explain here.

The main problem is that some tourist feels chicanery is a nice hobby towards the ‘lazy Greeks’ and provides an internal pleasure otherwise missing in pathetic personalities.

The last similar incident I can reckon was in 2016, in Heraklio, Crete again with a German tourist who refused to pay to a taxi ride to airport.

If I am not wrong a total of 4 or 5 such incidents in total have taken place since 2010, where European tourists of different nationalities refused to pay taxi or restaurant bills using this kind of argument.

Thank Goodness, these are isolated incidents.

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  1. It’s not just Germans. A local cafe owner here (Crete) recently had to chase after two customers who left without paying for their coffees. “But we’re fully inclusive” they claimed. It took some minutes for the cafe owner to convince them that they were only fully inclusive when inside their own hotel. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed passports…..

  2. I love the Cretans, well most.
    At my local taverna, after watching customers leave their bill money on the table and just leave, once asked what the waiter/owner would do if they just walked out not paying.
    He just shrugged his shoulders and said “That’s their problem not mine”.
    On reflection I think my taverna is right and the taxi drivers should not take the bait but shrug it off and hopefully make those who don’t pay feel small and shameful.
    Perhaps setting them down by a foodbank might help them get the message.

  3. It happened while we were on our annual stay on Kos in June this year, a Germsan fami!y staying in an all inclusive hotel in Kardsmaina came into the village one evening and stopped for a drink etc and were astonished to find they had to pay for their cocktails and kept pointing to their green wristbands that is was all included in their vacation costs .Then noticed we were paying for our drinks and meal later then became a little abusive until they were asked to leave. I felt sorry for their children.

  4. Tell Frau Idiot to pay her part of WW2 reparations and then maybe she will get something back. Let German tourists go to Turkey (that is if Erdogan will let them in!