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106 students at Patras University submit exactly the same assignment paper

106 students at the University of Patras have submitted exactly the same assignment paper in the course “Dynamic Mathematical Models” at the Department for Business Administration. The paper was submitted last June.

When the similarities were discovered the university decided to punish these students and exclude them from the exams in September.

This means, that these 106 students who probably bought the assignment paper will lose one semester.

The students unions affiliated to New Democracy and PASOK blasted the university decision and asked the University to reverse the decision. “In a period of deep crisis banning students’ participation in the September exams is an extreme move that will have tragic consequences for the smooth continuation of these student’s  studies,” DAP-ND said in a statement. Later, the union explained it had asked that the students be excluded only from this particular course and not all semester courses.”

The union’s reaction angered also local officials of New Democracy, notes Kathimerini that brought up the unprecedented case.

Meanwhile, the identity of author of the paper has been reportedly revealed. He is also a student. He had initially sold he work to 20 students for 100 euro per copy.  The Senate of Patras University is yet to decide about the academic future of the student/author, he is at risk to be expelled.

It looks as if the university will insist on its decision.

And one can ask: How frequent is the phenomenon of bought or copy-pasted assignment papers at the Greek Universities?

PS Lesson 1 by copy-paste: check your sources.

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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    From this we can deduce that Pasok and ND openly support corruption and oppose meritocracy. Is anyone honestly surprised?

  2. at the university at which i teach, such students would face expulsion…