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Roller coaster car derails, injuring mom and three kids

The last car of an amusement roller coaster in Aigio derailed, injuring a mom and three kids. Nobody claims responsibility for the accident. Neither the municipality authorities that were in charge for the permission and the fact that the roller coaster was installed in one of the main squares of the town before the the permission procedures were concluded. While, the facility owner blamed “the evil eye” for the accident.

A mother and her three children were injured when the last car of a roller coaster derailed in an Christmas amusement park in the town of Aigio, northern Peloponnese.

The 39-year-old mother was trapped under the car when it landed on the ground. She needed the help of the fire service to be rescued. She was taken to hospital with broken bones and bruises.

Also the children, two boys aged 12 and 5 and a four-year-old girl were taken tot he hospital, however, they were only very slightly injured.

Police arrested the roller coaster operator and the owner of the facility and investigates the causes of the accident.

The mother told media that the roller coaster was moving very fast. “It did two rounds, then it moved faster,” she said adding she could not remember anything except that when she woke up she was in the hospital.

According to local media, the facility owner had no permission issued by the municipality to operate the roller coaster.

He told media, that permissions take several months. He blamed the “evil eye” for the accident.

The mayor claimed he had no idea, as he was not in the town. He further said that many do “deliberate installations” and that the mayor cannot go from square to square for control checks. The Municipality said in a statement that there was no permission for the facility. The roller coaster owner had won the tender, however, the procedures were not concluded.

It is a common practice that vendors set up their facilities before permissions are being issued, which are mostly delayed due to bureaucracy.

Two years ago during the Christmas period, a 40-meter high Wheel with gondolas turned into a fiasco for the Municipality in Athens when it turned out that it was ready for operation before the safety procedures were concluded. The Municipality was forced to uninstall the Wheel that eever went in operation.

A typical bureaucratic procedure that the municipalities need to review in order to avoid accidents that put the citizens’ lives at risk.

PS Probably the permission for the roller coaster could be issued in January or later, for sure, during or even after the Christmas holidays ….


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  1. I’m very glad nothing happened seriously to the lady and her children. Thank God. But, many of us have been on those types of rides in Greece with our kids, and each time I wondered, “should we be riding this thing?” I think it’s better just to ride at alou fun park as they seem more like the Eurodisney type park. But, for sure, caution is needed.

  2. such accidents never happen abroad, right?

  3. @KTG, sure in some countries they definitely do. But at least in the US, if that happens the victims will be millionaires due to the lawsuits that will ensue. That fortunately scares these types of parks to ensure things are working well. IN Greece, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any lawsuits that a victim could bring would be more than just a few thousands of euros damages?

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