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Opposition party To Potami questions credibility of Finance Ministry Lottery

The leader of small opposition party To Potami has put the credibility of the procedure of the finance ministry lottery that is based on taxpayers’ receipts based on purchases via credit and debit cards. Leader Stavros Theodorakis demands the prosecutors’ intervention on the issue claiming that “the statistical impossible has happened” and that 29 winners won several times in the big lottery for all receipts of 2017.

Theodorakis’ argument is based on the Law of Possibilities and on statistics and demands that the prosecutor investigates whether the multiple winners are affiliated with political persons.

In a statement the Potami leader said among others that among 6,000,000 taxpayers who participated in the 11 lottery draws, there are “29 people who won twice and 4 people who won three times.”

According to the probability theory,  To Potami argues, the possibility of one lottery participant to be drawn two and three times in just 11 draws, is practically impossible.

“A participant has hundred times more chances to win the joker lottery, while chances for 29 participants to win twice” are number “174 after 173 zeros.!”

It looks as if the Potami got the help of some mathematics freak who sat down and spend time in calculating the winning chances of the 29 people who won a total of 2,000 euros and the four who won a total of 3,000 euros.

“Mathematics therefore justifies a serious issue of credibility in the system of public lotteries conducted by the Independent Authority of Public Revenues under Law 4446/2016”, To Potami statement said adding “the lack of credibility can be due to two factors: failure of the electronic system or human intervention, without excluding both of these factors and at the same time.”

To make the long complicated issue short, the Potami has no evidence to support its argument other the Probability theory and what is possible or impossible to happen on pure statistical level. And for this a prosecutor skilled in mathematics too should intervene.

I don’t know how many working hours the Potami spent to calculate the impossible worth a total of 70,000 euros.

Sources of the Greek Finance Ministry told media that the lottery procedures are uninpeachable and that all possible safety measures have been taken. The sources said that the Independent Authority of Public Revenues collects the receipts, while the lottery is conducted by the Computer Technology Institute & Press (ITYE-DUOFANTOS) that is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. The Institute runs also the <Kino> for OPAP and is responsible for the transmission of the exams topics for the entrance to universities, the sources said.

Greece’s finance ministry has launched the lottery based on receipt of purchased via credit or debit cards as incentives to taxpayers with the ultimate aim to combat tax evasion. Each lucky winners receives 1,000 euro which is tax-free.

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