Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Absurd overtaxation: Low-incomers, unemployed taxed 3 times their income

Thousands of unemployed taxpayers with no income at all or very low one have been called to pay disproportionately high taxes between 2,000-4,500 euro. Why this? Blame the so-called deemed income criteria that calculate a fictitious tax according to living conditions and not real income. The absurdity of this taxation …

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Eurostat: taxation trends in European Union – 2012 data

Theoretically I could write about the Eurostat’s latest report about the taxation trends in the European Union. But, practically, I will not do it. Because, the overall tax-to-GDP ratio refers to data from 2012. It really makes no sense to mention such a report considering the fact that taxes increase …

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EU Tax Commissioner Semeta tells Greeks to forget V.A.T. lowering & build “fair taxation system”

EU Commissioner for Taxation put a heavy tombstone in Greece’s hopes to reduce the Value Added Tax in catering services and goods. During a press conference in Athens, Lithuanian Algirdas Semeta made it clear that there was no room for tax reduction. Instead he advised Samaras’ government to build a …

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