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What vote percentage could give SYRIZA a majority government?

The win of left-wing SYRIZA seems to be a fact as it secures its lead towards Nea Dimokratia with more of 4% according to latest polls. But what percentage will SYRIZA need to form a majority government with 151 seats in a Parliament of 300 and avoid to have to …

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PM Samaras politically exploits Charlie Hebdo attack for …votes

Greece’s acting Prime Minister Antonis Samaras could not help it. He could not go beyond his inner demons of vanity and political ambitions and self-righteousness. So he made a linking of the Charlie Hebdo massacre with the migration in Greece just for the sake of  attacking main opposition left-wing SYRIZA. …

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The winner in Athens and Attica is …Golden Dawn

The winner of Sunday’s municipality and regional elections is … extreme-right Golden Dawn. The party whose members face charges for establishing a criminal gang, doubled its rates from the last parliamentary elections in Athens and Attica region. Ilias Kasidiaris, GD spokesman who is free on bail, a mayor candidate for …

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Greek Parliament Passes Austerity Budget 2013 – ND Expels One MP

Greek Parliament passed austerity Budget 2013 with 167 YES, 128 NO and 4 Abstentions. right after the voting, Antonis Samaras expelled MP Soldatos (Lefkada) from the parliamentary group of Nea Dimocratia for having opposed the budget cuts in Labour and Development Ministries. the number of seats for conservative ND dropped to 125. …

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Invalid Votes: The Funny Side of Elections!

It’s difficult to leave your couch and go cast a vote if you disagree with any major or regional governor candidates or political parties. It’s the time when  “Abstention” becomes the magic word for many. An average of 54% of Greek voters picked up couch and coffee to ballot box. Another …

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