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350 Greeks attempted to commit suicide due to economic problems

More and more Greeks are driven to desperate actions due to the never ending economic crisis. The National Federation of Consumers’, Borrowers’ and Citizens’ Protection issued a statement stating that in the last 16 months more than 350 people attempted to commit suicide due to economic problems.
Revealing picture of the tragic situation in both private households and small family businesses is that the last 16-month there were about 350 suicide attempts – suicide by fellow citizens who, under the unbearable weight of all kinds of debt, mainly bank debt and the incredible pressure from debt-collection mechanisms of banks have decided to end their lives, bearing no hope for the future.
The erosion of social and economic fabric occurs more rapidly and unfortunately the rulers show inability to take appropriate decisions and to clash with the real cartel markets like the banking sector. The banking cartel does not ever really supported investment and development efforts of small family businesses, the statement, dated March 1, 2011, concludes.
In the city of Volos alone three men attempted to comitt suicide during the last 10 days. They were saved at the last moment.

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