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Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister Finally Speaks Out (video)

After two days of excessive use of violence, tear gas and suffocation, we finally saw Greece Citizens’ Protection Minister. Christos Papoutsis stood up and spoke and cleared the misunderstandings and “Oh, all these claims about huge clouds of tear gas. Papoutsis made his point and said: “The huge cloud of tear gas came from the protesters” who were using  sprays of all kinds – I don’t even know the names in English-  to attack the riot police forces.

Furthermore he described as ‘urban struggle’  the protesters actions yesterday and said they were trained in Keratea. “They wanted to disturb the Mid-Term Austerity voting, to stop it and have the country go bankrupt”, Papoutsis added.

No, I didn’t hear anything about the extensive use of violence, about the policemen throwing tear gas at restaurants and cafes… maybe I missed that part or the Minister just didn’t have time to give an answer to all these questions about the oh, so many incidents.

However, at the end and speaking about the controversial video showing some hooded guys been protected by the riot police, Papoutsis said:

We got dozens phone calls by them, they were seeking our help because they were being attacked by “indignant” (Greeks), we advised the police to rescue them”.

I feel unbelievable relieved to know Citizens’ Protection Ministry does indeed protect the citizens. Otherwise, and from what we saw yesterday, the title would an oxymoron… Mean and silly left -wing parties demand his resignation. And some human ‘elephants’ even remember that Christos Papoutsis was chairman of the Students’ Association during the Polytechnic School Uprising against the military dictatorship in 1973. “1973”???? Man, that was long ago. Almost 38 years….

Video Papoutsis Parliament Speech 

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