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Upd:Greek FinMin: Extra Levy on Properties as Taxpayers Bleed

The bleeding of Greek taxpayers continue without a pause as the new strategy of the government is: at least one extra levy every month! I think, this Government has also misunderstood the simple arithmetic and ways to get rid of negative numbers.And it imposed new taxes as a mean to combat the recession! Greece Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos announced Sunday afternoon a special levy of €4 per square meter for real estate properties. Venzelos justified the imposition of the extra levy due to “weakness of taxation administration as the property taxes of 2009 have not been collected yet”.

The levy will be raised via the …electricity company (DEH) bills, so if you just rent a flat, beware of the bill asking you to maybe 500 euro, for example! In this case you must take the bill directly to the property owner. The levy will be collected once for the year 2011, and in tranches for 2012. I hope DEH will not ask the levy every month…

UPDATE:Government spokesman Ilias Mosialos said on Monday that tenants who have the electricity bills in their name will not pay the levy but that this will be transferred to the property owners. I hope, he will define and explain how this exactly will happen on Tuesday when apparently the whole issue will be explained.

Depending on the property value zones, the levy can also be from €0.50 up to €10 per square meter. The draft bill will be send to Parliament for approval end of October, so wait for the levy around Christmas. Explain your children and grandchildren why they will get no Xmas presents this year…

Admitting the inability of collecting taxes, Venizelos found the golden solution: Extra Levy for two years AND the normal property taxes. I don’t know what to say, I’m really speechless.

Furthermore, Greek Fin Min announced the cutting of one salary for the President of the Republic, the elected MPs and even the majors.

He also said that the government will call  Greek shipowners around the globe to come and aid Greece and forecasted further bank mergers.

And he foresaw a surplus in 2012!

Blessed are those who own nothing and live in a carton box…

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  1. There is a phrase they use in Greece it says ‘ Vara kai esei koule’ I think that would be a great title for this article.

  2. After WW2, the German property owners were also asked to pony up funds to the tune of 0.6% of the value of the property per year.

    Looking at the fact that Greece has a similar crisis situation, Greece needs money, and taxing real estate is the easiest.

  3. Bleed the common people in order to save the banks.