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Merkel- Sarkozy: The Photo Romance …in Times of Euro-Cholera

 Τhey greed each other always with an intimate kiss and hugs. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Freshly in love. Whispering sweet nothings in each other ears.

A carmic love affair, a fatal attraction…

between a French charmer

….and a German nanny.


A love affair that seems to last over a year. At the very end on the cost of the Euro-Zone and the debt-ridden countries. No to mention Germany’s debt and the country’s fiasco to sell its state bonds last Wednesday. An action interrupted by Merkel’s stubborness insisting on low yields.

The Greeks? Ahahahaha, mon petit cochon!

And yet. On November 24th 2011, in Strasburg Nicholas got obviously tired of Merkel’s excessively wet Muah! Muah!

Clouds seem to gather in the pink heaven. Over the Euro-Bond?

Renommated astrologists confirm that a relation between an Aquarius (Sarkozy) and a Cancer (Merkel) is not of the kind of a successful love match.

“The Aquarian’s chilly rationality upsets the sentimental moonchild, who craves intense emotion. These two signs are so alien to one another their relationship practically develops an allergic rash on contact. Aquarius values reality; Cancer trusts only intuition. Soon misunderstanding has settled in, widening the gap in the couple. In this struggle, the broken heart is always that of the moonchild. Be forewarned and proceed at your own risk: the stars frown on any union of these two signs. (”


Hopefully, this fatal relation won’t have dreadful impact on Acropolis.

International media like the Economist speak today of an economic Armageddon, stressing that unless Germany and ECB won’t move quickly the Euro would collapse.” And Claude Nougat asks, whether Angela Merkel is an Angel or a  Demon? I would say: Angela Merkel is either an Angel in Demon’s face or a Demon in Angel’s face. Or just a jealous woman in love  🙂

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  1. The Economist, in an article titled The New Iron Chancellor, points to where the read guilty person is. It is her swimming teacher. Apparently as a schoolgirl, Angela Merkel spent an entire swimming lesson perched on a diving board. Only when the final bell sounded did she find the nerve to take the plunge. And that is what she still is doing.
    So this swimming teacher should have kicked her of that diving board immediately. It would have saved us all an awful lot of misery. Now and in the future…

  2. It would have been a better outcome if the pool had been empty.