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German Minister Supports a “State Commissioner” for Greece

Yeap. It’s official. German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler fully agrees with the idea of a ‘state commissioner’ for Greece. He spoke to German newspaper Bild and here is what he said:

German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler backed beefed-up EU monitoring of Greece in an interview to be published on Monday, after Athens dismissed calls for it to give up control over its budget.

Roesler, who is also Germany’s vice chancellor, told the daily Bild that the European Union should step in to ensure that Greece toes the line of budget austerity as it struggles to emerge from a crippling debt crisis.

“We need more leadership and monitoring in implementing the course of reform (in Greece),” he was quoted as saying.

“If the Greeks fail to do this themselves, the leadership and monitoring must come in a stronger way from outside, for example via the EU.” (AFP)

I can vaguely recall that I had posted about similar German proposal some time ago, maybe last summer? I might try to find this KTG post tomorrow.

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  1. Is Mr. Roesler feeling OK?

    How would Mr. Roesler feel if some stranger reached into his back pocket,took out his wallet and the decided how to spent his money…
    wait a that not a mugging !

    • Ι bet he felt kind of weird that’s why he changed his homecountry.

    • Except that this is not Greece’s money, it’s money that others are lending and they need to feel a lot more confident that it will be spent wisely before they hand it over. The Greek government does not instil confidence in their handling of financial matters.

      Having said that; there is a long way to go before anyone should even consider allowing outsiders to run their finances.

  2. It could be that it was the proposal made by the Dutch Finance Minister De Jager?
    In this context you might be interested in this:

    Article 12 Status

    A municipality with a article 12 status is a Dutch municipality under financial guardianship by the State because of a structurally poor financial situation. These communities receive extra money from the government in exchange for strict financial supervision. For example, the municipalities with the article 12 status have to ask the state permission for larger expenditures. Article 12 is the 12th article of the Financial Relations Law.

    Does that sound familiar?