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Athens: Parliament Debate on Loan Agreement & Austerity

The debate on the crucial voting of the new loan agreement and the new austerity package is to start soon in the Greek Parliament. The voting will start at 12 midnight, the results are expected at 1 a.m.

Most probably the MPs will vote by name. 

Greek Communist Party will ask the approval of the measures that will enslave Greece for the next decades to need a “qualifying majority” of 180 votes. This request is expected to be turned down. The bill will be approved with a simple majority of 151 votes.

Despite MP’s resignations and some 40 MPs saying they won’t vote in favor of the bill, Papademos coalition government has a waste majority of seat in the Greek parliament. 252 out of 300.

Thousands of Greeks are expected to flock outside the Greek Parliament and raise their vopices against the unprecedented austerity.

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