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Papandreou – Kastelorizo: Anyone Remembers 23. April 2010?

The date when prime minister of that time George Papandreou arrived at the island of Kastelorizo and revealed to Greeks that the country had gone bankrupt? Yeap! That’s exactly two years ago. Wearing a black suit and a dark pink tie Papandreou addressed the nation through a live television link and told Greeks the bad news while the picturesque houses of the Kastelorizo were bathing in the spring sun.

Papandreou pleaded to save the country by activating the IMF rescue mechanism.

Why he disappeared from the PM’s throne and the political scene, and why the majority of Greeks went broke in these two years, that’s another story.

You may be interested to read what Papandreou said, how people reacted and what then-freshly-created KTG wrote at that time in Greece Officially Bankrupt.

Normally people and nations tend to commemorate happy or tragic anniversaries. We hardly heard anything on this sad anniversary today. Political leaders are busy with the future, that is the upcoming elections. Not with the past.

They apparently believe they took a big sponge and erased from our memory blackboards the pitfalls of the last two years. Our agonies, our anxieties, our sleepless nights.

They may have forgotten, but we do not.

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  1. I remember like it was yesterday. Anybody ever found out why he held that speech there? Just to annoy the Turks? Or any other sensible reason?
    He was doomed from that day on. Telling everybody that they are bankrupt and then standing in that scenery doesn’t project a real sense of urgency, let alone bankruptcy. His suit was wrong, his tie even more wrong. But what ultimately brought him down was the way the light was throwing shadows over his face. As a photographer I can tell you that every student learns that this is one of the deadly sins in wedding and portrait photography. Unless you want to depict sadness, gloom or utter dispair…
    No, the guy never had a chance after that. And nor did we. 🙁

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I think the symbolism message of the picturesque scenery was “relaxed through the crisis….lalala”
      thanks for the pcitrues tips. how to avoid shadows then?

      • Tips:
        1. Place person in the shadow
        2. NEVER let someone look into the sun
        3. If you can not place someone in the shadow get the sun at an angle on the face and use a bit of flash to lighten the shadowy parts.
        4. If you do not have a flash (or just hate flashlight) place someone next to a bright wall. The sunlight will bounce off it to fill in the shadow side of the face. (Or use a reflector)
        5. For other tips: Mail me to get a wonderful workshop in the most beautiful part of Greece. 😆