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Olala! Ex Greek Foreign Minister Bakoyanni Gets Vulgar On State TV

oops! My innocent ears did not believe what they heard on state NET TV live: ex Greek Foreign Minister, ex Nea Dimocratia official, former Democratic Alliance leader and current Nea Dimocratia candidate Dora Bakoyanni saying such a word: ‘κολομπαρίστικα’, a very vulgar word implying somebody is gay.

Dora Bakoyanni was criticizing  SYRIZA’s changes in it spolicies when that particular word came out of her mouth “In SYRIZA, they speak kolomparistika [in a gay way]”, Bakoyanni said stunning moderate SYRIZA representative Papadimoulis, ex PASOK Minister Chrysochoidis, NET TV prime time news presenter Stai and the audience.


Papadimoulis said “That’s a Shame!”, Chrysochoidis had a technical problem and could not hear -respectively react. As far as I remember, Stai had never seen Law&Order and did not interven into order to bring Bakoyanni back to order…

This word seems to have turned into the favorite expression of the former Greek Foreign Minister, as Dora Bakoyanni has recently used the same word and thus in the same context with SYRIZA.

video: recently in MEGA TV

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 As the blood is boiling 48 hours before the elections and the hunting for the last undecided vote is at its peak, the culture of our politicians unfolds before our eyes and ears in full greatness…

The debate in NET continued, with Bakoyanni trying to make fun of SYRIZA “You get horrified when you count together the rates of ND and DEMALLIANCE [her party got some 2.5% on May 6 elections].

Papadimoulis, calm as always, returned: “You remind me of Enver Hodja [Albanian dictator], who used to day, ‘we, Albanians, and the Chinese are one billion people”.



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  1. Vulgarity is the language of last resort, used by those who can’t find a reason to justify their own existance any longer…

  2. Looks like Bakogianni wants to lose the gay vote 🙂