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Rapanos “Resigned” Before Be Sworn-In as Greece’s Finance Minister

Vassilis Rapanos, the appointed Finance Minister by Greece’s coalition government, will not be sworn-in as Finance Ministry, Greek media report in Breaking News at 7 p.m. on Monday. Greek media report that Rapanos sent his “resignation” letter to Prime Minister Samaras late on Monday afternoon and that Samaras accepted his resignation. 

According to Greek media, in his letter to PM Rapanos invoked “health problems”, saying the problem he had in the past had not be totally solved. 

Practically Rapanos did not send a “resignation letter” because he was not sworn-in as FinMin. He sent a letter of not accepting the ministerial post.

Media claimed that although Rapanos is to exit the hospital tomorrow Tuesday, he has some health issues that do not allow him to take such a difficult post. In the past Rapanos had to deal with a serious gastro-problem that seems to have returned.

However there are also rumors about a political background that may have forced him to take such decision.

Rapanos was urged to hospital last Friday, with symptoms like fever, abdomen pain, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion.  He is President of the National Bank of Greece.

The question is now, who will be Greece’s Finance Minister.

To be continued…


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  1. Who would want that job?

  2. Would you not be afraid of being between a rock and a hard place with no good answers? That whatever decisions you made you would be a despised person by many?

    Even if history proved you to be correct, that you would have had a life that was not pleasant?

    I know it would be a affluent life, but not being able to walk down a street without bodyguards?

    Maybe I’m not understanding something correctly.

  3. Even rich men like famous singers need bodyguards, so what is the point, you don’t want to be rich William?