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Police operation against oldest Athens squat – 14 detentions

Strong police forces entered the squat in Kypseli district of Athens at 1 p.m. on Tuesday and detained the eight women and the six men who were inside the building at the time of police intervention. 

The deployment on riot police squads was aiming to prevent expressions of solidarity by other anti-authoritarian groups. One police helicopter was flying over the area.

Δεν έλειψαν και τα παράπονα πολιτών που δεν μπορούσαν να πάνε... λαϊκή

The neo-classic building on Lela Karagianni street, therefore also the name “Villa Lela Karagianni” has been the oldest occupation by anti-authoritarians and thus since April 1988. According to some media, the three storey building was occupied by students in 1988 in order to provide them with housing. With the passing of the years it had turned into a squat by anti-authoritarian movements.

While back in 1988 owner of Villa Lela Karagianni was the Athens University, nowadays the onwerships is claimed by the Athens Municipality. The building has been declared “historical building under protection” in 1995, so Mega TV.

Odd enough the day police decided to intervene the weekly open market was taking place. Many residents reportedly complained for being hindered to make their weekly supplies with fruits, vegetables and  household items.

The operation is the third within a week after Villa Amalia and Villa Skaramanga and thus in the context of operation called “Law & Order” launched by Minister for Citizen Protection and Public Order, Nikos Dendias targeting to free all buildings under occupation. According to, there are currently 40 buildings under occupation. The news portal reports that there will be a solidarity protest outside the headquarters of Greek police at Alexandras Avenue in the afternoon. 

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