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Piraeus: Charity home for elderly in need of food – Can you help?

Another Greek story of needs, of basic human needs that need to be covered. Agios Panteleimon charity foundation for elderly hosts 44 seniors in Keratsini, a suburb of Piraeus.  Furthermore the charity offers soup kitchen meals to 60 poor locals on a daily basis and supplies with food items some one hundred underprivileged families in the area. A team of professionals and volunteers do their best under the leadership of father Emmanuel.

“We used to come along with the pensions of the elderly and the donations given by the people. But due to the crisis, our needs have increased and the donations decreased,” father Emmanuel told charity network “People do want to help but they cannot do it anymore.”

The charity is in need of food like yogurt, meat, chicken, milk, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, rice, paper napkins, cleaning and personal toiletterie items.

If you want to help, you can directly contact:

1) Father Emmanuel (Πατήρ Εμμανουήλ Καροφυλλάκης) mobile: +30 6936638845

2) Charity “Ίδρυμα Στοργής Γερόντων Αγιος Παντελεήμων”, Ανακούς 59-61 (Anakous streets 59-61), Keratsini.

Telephone:  210-4313403

3) Boroume network, telephone: 210-3237805.

The charity estimates the amount of food it needs per week, but I am sure you can find ways to help if you want, even without meeting all their needs.

PS if one considers the needs of elderly in medicine, the needs must be much higher.

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