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UPD Istanbul: Greek student detained on suspicion of “inciting protests”

Greek student Giorgos Iatridis was detained together with ten other foreigners on Tuesday night with charges of inciting the protests in Taksim Square in Istambul. According to his website Alexiptoto, Iatridis was living in Istanbul since October 2012. He is a post-degree student at Aristoteleio University in Thessaloniki and move to Istanbul for practice in the context of EU students’ exchange program Erasmus.

He was arrested near Dolmabahce Palace, during a police control. His arrest had been confirmed by the Greek Foreign Ministry. It is not clear what will happen with the detainees and when they will appear before the prosecutor. It is most likely that they will be released and return to their countries after charges will be announced – and expected to return to Turkey when the trial will be due.

Video from the protests uploaded by Giorgos Iatridis.

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Turkish media reported that on that night arrested were also four US-citizens,  two from Great Britain, two from Iran, one form France, India and Greece. For some unknown reasons, Turkish media reported on Wednesday night, that the detainees were “holders of diplomatic passports”.

On Thursday, prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the claim of “diplomatic passports” during a press conference.

UPDATE: On thursday afternoon the foreign detainees appeared before the prosecutor who released them without raising charges. Turkish Interior Minister said later that four of them will be expelled from the country. He did not elaborate who are these four and from which country.

Anti-government protests through out Turkey have claimed so far the lives of 4 people -three protesters, one policeman. The number of injured is estimated to be more than four thousand people, according to Turkish Doctors Association.

PM Erdogan seems adamant to crack down the protests, described as “Turkish spring” by many international commentators. Taking the risk to incite conditions similar to a civil war, Erdogan sent his supporters to aid police against protesters.

After a four-day visit to Morocco and Tunisia, the Turkish PM is expected to return to Turkey on Thursday night. Media report that his supporters organize a huge welcome demonstration of power.

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