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SYRIZA Tsipras meets the President, asks early elections

Just hours after the European Parliament elections result, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras asked for early elections.

Alexis Tsipras’s statement after meeting with the President:

“A new political landscape emerged from the EP elections with new correlation of powers.

Coalition government parties ND and PASOk suffered losses of more than 11%. With what moral and political legitimation can the government negotiate the national debt and impose new austerity measures?

There is a disharmony between the Parliament correlation and the people’s will.

This Parliament has no legitimation.

Had there been parliamentary elections, ND and PASOK would have today just 94 seats.

Τherefore I asked the President to proceed to early elections as soon as possible.”

Alexis Tsipras met with the President of Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias,  at 1 o’clock.

Tsipras told the President as well:

“Some were terrorizing voters saying, should SYRIZA win with 2-3 percent difference, earthquakes, famines and floods would follow. Today is a wonderful day.”

Tsipras warned the government not to take decisions on important issues without the consent of SYRIZA:

“There is a big disharmony between the people’s will and the powers in the Parliament. When there is such a big disharmony , no one is entitled to proceed in critical decisions that will bind the country . The government is not legitimate government to elect the next President [elections March 2015]. The Constitution states when there is strong disharmony of the popular support, then the solution is to appeal to appeal to the popular verdict . I submitted our view that with a coordinated and orderly way to parliamentary elections, normality can be restored.”

Tsipras also warned the government to not proceed to the sale-off of the public assets, the Greek beaches and the privatization of Water Companies.

With 98% of the polling stations counted:

  1. SYRIZA 26.58%
  2. Nea Dimokratia 22.74%
  3. Golden Dawn 9.3%
  4. PASOK/ELIA 8%

Seats in Greek Parliament based on June 2012 parliamentary elections:

ND 29.66% -75 seats +50 bonus)   EP elections: 22.74%

PASOK  12.98% – 27 seats  EP: 8%

SYRIZA 28,89% – 71 seats EP: 26.58%

GoldenDawn 6.92% – 16 seats  EP 9.39%

INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7.51% – 15 seats EP 3,45%

DEMOCRATIC LEFT 6.25% – 14 seats EP 1.25%

KKE 4.50% – 12 seats EP 6,%

17-19 independent MPs

To Potami with 6,6%% has no representatives in Greek Parliament as it was established in March 2014.

17-19 independent MPs

Alexis Tsipras is right  in the sense that Democratic Left, for example, has “disappeared” in the EP elections and would not elect even a single MP should parliamentary elections were held yesterday. Threshold in Greece is 3%.

Independent Greeks and PASOK would have less MPs and GD would have more.

On the other hand, there is a 6.6-percentage of voters who cast vote for TO POTAMI and who are not represented in the Greek Parliament.



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