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Crete: Puppy abandoned, left to die in the storm

Ι believe this little guy deserves a second chance and a special blog post. He was abandoned near the town of Chania, in Crete, amid strong rainfall and winds, left outside to die. But he was rescued by an animal lover who heard him whining and barking.

“Amid the strong storm that hit Crete on Tuesday evening,  a monster of a human decided to abandon a puppy. He tied it to a stone and hided it inside the foliage on a road side in Kounoupidiana area of Chania.

The little dog was rescued, when a passerby heard his whining and barking, searched in the foliage and found the poor creature, wet to the bone. He took the doggy to a nearby vet and the local animal welfare society undertook the expenses.

puppy Chania

           No words….

I am sure neighbors can identify the dog and the heartless owner. grrrrrrr…

He is maybe now in forster care and may seek a loving family and a forever home without cruel surprises.

***Originally posted on Jan 14th in KTG’s Incredible rainfall floods Crete; monster abandons puppy in the storm


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