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Question here: Why didn’t EU-partners support Samaras?

The whole world is against a SYRIZA-led government. The Greek and international mainstream media, the EU-partners, the Draghis, the Junckers and the Lagardes, they all warn SYRIZA it has to stick to the commitments signed by Nea Dimokratia and PASOK coalition, the Papademos and the Papandreou governments.

Day in, day out, day and night, we are exposed to a storm of statements and articles warning of the disaster that will arise if  the Greek Left will take the country’s lead.

However, a logical question arises here:

If the EU-partners and lenders are scared of SYRIZA and they would rather prefer to stick with eager-to- cooperate and stuck-to-commitments conservative Samaras and his partner PASOK,

Why didn’t they conclude the bailout program negotiations with ND-PASOK in November and December?

Why did they pull the carpet under his feet?

Why did they left him alone in the cold exposed to the wind blowing from the left?

So why the hypocrisy now?

I mean, they know that if elections would take place, it would be most likely that SYRIZA would win. They also knew that dealing with the bailout programs is an issue of EU and Eurogroup political decisions and will.

Even now, they threat to leave the country out from the ECB QE purchase and let Samaras sit in economic chaos, two days before the elections.

Ideas, comments and even articles are much appreciated 🙂


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  1. Because they do not want to lose money – a new bailout would cost … And in case of Grexit and massive bank bankruptcy they would lose more… If you lost 1000 euro , you do not want to lose next 100 euro… So it is not difficult at all – of course, maybe the world will be scared of Mr Tsipras and negociate, maybe Mr Tsipras will blink … but … it has no sense to pay more into the black hole – even to Mr Samaras.

  2. Internationals 4 Syriza

    It’s a myth.

    Many ordinary European citizens want a Syriza government.

    See here:

  3. We will see :). Just some days…
    By the way, many important Syriza people declare that they are Marxists and Trotskyists. Have you seen Bulgaria, Ukraine , FYROM Macedonia , Serbia, Hungary, Laos , Cuba and other former Marxist countries.
    I know… That time Marxism did not work and brought poverty, this time it will work… Sorry, at least Troika and creditors need not believe in this.
    But we will see… Wonders happen sometimes.
    Negociations ahead and everything will be decided.
    And the world will survive creation of the second Bulgaria.

  4. PS. I still remember 1988 in Marxist countries, when average monthly salary was 10 usd. Of course , one could buy quite much for it 🙂 and there was NO unemployment at all.
    Still, I hope that it will not be like this for Greece – but options are on the table.

  5. PS. But I cannot deny that Samaras is also no guarantee. Let us look at the future, but I would not be so optimistic…

  6. Sorry for too many comments from me. Of course, nobody can foresee what Mr Tsipras will do – I suppose he will have the choice : take Troika conditions or Grexit with bank bankruptcy. The only thing what I meant is : I do not think that Grexit is a bluff.. The reason is simple : if Troika allows Greece to take debt without limits, no country will want to pay its debt. And the queue is long… It is a change of the whole world and Greece is too weak to change whole world.
    But it also explains the problem why they do not want to make a new bailout to Samaras. They do not know what Tsipras will do and in case of Grexit, they do not want to lose money. Now all in hands of Mr Tsipras :).

  7. Good question!!

    Where is the Facebook button for posting???!