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Merkel’s senior ally Gauweiler (CSU) resigns over Greece’s support. Oh, really?

Look what happened in Germany today! While the country’s conservatives directly or indirectly have been demanding that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras should replace Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, a ultra-conservative senior ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel resigned. Peter Gauweiler, the deputy chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU) – the Bavarian sister party of the ruling CDU – stepped down allegedly over financial aid to Greece.

Euroskeptic Peter Gauweiler, 65, submitted his resignation today, claiming that he can no longer support the policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Greece.

Since 2010, Greece has been a “bankrupt state,” Gauweiler said in his resignation letter adding that he could not serve as a member of parliament as long as his “dissenting vote against an extension of the current and completely ineffective program” was ignored.

“I have been publicly pressured to vote in the Bundestag for the exact opposite, on the grounds that I am a vice-president,” said Gauweiler in a statement published on his website.

“This is incompatible with my interpretation of the duty of a legislator.”

Peter Gauweiler has always been a fierce critic of financial support for the euro zone’s indebted countries. He was one of the 28 lawmakers of Merkel’s coalition who voted against the bailout extension for Greece in February.

An MP since 2002, Gauweiler was among the plaintiffs who lost a case in 2012 lodged with Germany’s top court against two crisis-fighting tools aimed at helping solve the debt crisis in the single currency bloc.

Gauweiler did not only resigned from his seat in parliament but also from the deputy chairmanship of his beloved CSU party. The rsisignation of the prominent Bavarian politician came as surprise for many, CDU lawmakers, included.

So, a resignation due to a noble cause, that is the due to the inner conflict of a  politician and gentleman who can no longer support a government against his own inner voice and the mandate by his voters?

Nice. Fine. Excellent.

More lawyer than lawmaker

If only German media, websites and blogs had not a little more background on Peter Gauweiler who was apparently more devoted to practicing law and serve his clients as a lawyer than serving the public interest in the German parliament.

“Gauweiler was regarded as the German MP with the highest revenues because his law firm flourished exceedingly. He had successfully represented media mogul Leo Kirch and later his heirs in the trial with the Deutsche Bank. He has been repeatedly criticized that he was rarely present in the Parliament in Berlin and that he was absent from many parliamentary sessions.” (Tagesspiegel)

Gauweiler also defended controversial laboratory tycoon Bernd Schottdorf (Schottdorf Scandal) in a fraud case against insurance companies. Gauweiler was sharply criticized for defending this case. He resigned as lawyer from the case middle March. Reason “unknown”.

Questions over resignation remain

Anyway, there are quite a few in Germany wondering about the sudden resignation of such a prominent politician “for just one reason”.

I am sure that German media will soon reveal whether Gauweiler resigned on a noble cause – see: Greece – or on other -non noble – reasons.

Within hours after his resignation, the Alternative for Germany(AfDcordially invited Gauweiler to join the Eurosceptic, conservative, neoliberal and occasionally right-populist party.

PS Neext??? oh yes! another MP this time from Merkel’s CDU said he would reconsider his vote should a third bailout for Greece comes up in the German Parliament.


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  1. Excellent wrap-up! It seems you know Germany and German politics really well.

  2. The reason for Gauweilers resignations are intra-party fights with Seehofer, the CSU party leader.
    Differences about in opinion about the bailouts might be part of it, but just a part.
    I loathe the CSU and im strongly opposed to most of Gauweilers positions(so far as i know them), but you cant fault the guy for being to closemouthed. Time and time again he stood against his own party and stuck to his beliefs(which is now his downfall)