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CSU chief Seehofer : “Bavarians ruled Greece, better it was not temporary”

It was supposed to be a joke from man to man, from a Bavarian arch-conservative to his like-minded compatriots. One of these brusque and disdainful jokes cracker-barrel men in traditional green tracht garments exchange over a half-liter beer at their regular’s Thursday pub table in a remote mountain village. But …

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German Minister: Greece should pledge Cash, Gold and Real Estate for new loans

New loans to Greece? Arch-conservative Germans have ideas…Yes, to new payments under conditions. What conditions? The usual conditions usually posed by loan sharks: Gold and Real Estate. Bavaria’s finance minister Markus Soeder (CSU) told the daily BILD that should Greece receive new aid payments then there should be new conditions: …

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SPD MP condemns BILD campaign as Germany votes for Greece’s extension

Lawmaker Axel Schaaefer from MErkel’s coalition partner SPD went well prepared to the German Parliament today. Under his arm, he has a copy of tabloid Bild. He has already marked the newspaper’s front page promoting an anti-Greek hate-campaign with a huge, thick X. When his turn comes to join the …

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German MP: Greece Should Pay 50% of Wages & Pensions in Drachmas

 Aha! A small sleepy village in the German Upper Bavaria has the solution to Greece’s fiscal problems. The village is called “Peissenberg” and has a great man born there: Alexander Dobrindt. “Greece should start paying 50% of salaries and pensions in Drachma!” This revoluationary ’emission’ came from the lips of the executive secretary of the Christian …

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Merkel’s CSU-Partner doesn’t rule out Greece exit the euro zone

Oh, these Germans! Precisely those reactionary, conservative Germans! They can’t agree on a common policy towards Greece and they make Greeks so very unhappy and uncertain over their euro-future. Even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel  stressed on Monday that not any country would be leaving the euro zone as such …

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