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Referendum: Council of State to rule over “constitutionality”, 3 rallies in downtown Athens

Greece’s agenda on Friday:

1. at 12 noon the Council of State will convene to discuss the “constitutionality of the Referendum  after two citizens submitted an appeal. Ruling is expected later on the day, probably in the afternoon.

2. Three Referendum rallies in downtown Athens:

YES outside the Ancient Olympic Stadium – organized by opposition parties, mainly New Democracy

NO  outside the Greek Palriament/Syntagma Square – organized by government/SYRIZA – PM Tsipras will join & address the crowd.

“Invalid” at Omonia Square – organized by Communist party union PAME (KKE)

The rallies will start at around 7:30 pm

3. Banks are open for the last day before Sunday for pensioners to get part of their pension, just €120.

I suppose, the government will decide about the banks & pensions & other transactions after the Referendum.

Quite some Greeks have the feeling “it’s the end of the world” due to massive fearmongering propaganda by private mainstream media favoring YES, especially television networks.

PS yup. my posts are getting more & more “telegram-like wording”. Too many news, too little time, too tired brain cells & typing fingers…

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  1. I am afraid that it is not “massive fearmongering” but pretty realistic view of the future (like it or not), except of maybe some very extreme cases that can be heard “wars blah blah”
    Because if it is not realistic, the government would easily kill it by saying what will really happen after that famous “NO”, instead of just throwing the same old (“deal is in reach of two days”) which I think nobody believes any more, and Tsipras is just losing more and more with repeating that story… when other side (troika) is openly saying that it will not happen that fast (if it happens at all). The same goes with the banks opening… the government is saying it will happen on Tuesday, which is complete nonsense again. Or on Tuseday it will be “well, we wanted to open banks because we thought that ecb will increase ela, but they are not respecting Greeks peoples will and democracy and they didn’t increase, and we cannot open” (which is so childish approach because we all know that ela most probably will not be increased that fast even after “YES”, and if “NO” 100% it will not until/if some agreement reached, which again will not be done on Tuseday) It can be maybe done on tuseday only if Tsipras agrees on everything troika wants regardless of YES/NO, but that would be an ultimate joke after all this.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s raisins not goat-shit for who cares if it takes 48 hours or not to see that ECB’s role is terrorist and as “Europe” or better its big mouths in German Government promises all the time that they will “ship medicine, food and fuel to Greece to help the Greek people”, what’s the problem then?
      Regarding German polls 69% of “concerned about Greeks” Germans won’t be amused if they figure that Greeks will starve because Berlin was lying about it or even better that this offered support is only rhetoric in a way of “Oh Lord, we poor Germans have to take this Christian cross also”
      There is still huge support by German tourists who don’t let themselves get scared away, at some point the German government should realize that not only 350.000 German-Greeks are voters but also these tourists and friends of Greece that feel ashamed for Berlin.

      • Sorry, but I haven’t understood a single word.
        The same like I don’t understand such a desire by the government to be mysterious about what will happen after in such a crucial moment.
        Varoufakis said today:
        “This has been a difficult week but it is an investment on a viable solution. The state will be able to pay salaries and pensions because by Monday we will have a deal, one way or another”
        What does this mean “one way or the other”?! Then why we are voting at all?!
        Lafazanis also has a plan B, but also he doesn’t want to tell us about it (?!?!?!)
        I am pretty sure that I know what we can expect if “YES” wins (and I am fully aware that it is grim), but I desperately want the government (since they are suggesting it) to explain me their view what will happen if “NO” wins… and without any more mystery and fairy-tales. We don’t have time for those games any more.

        • You are right in aml your points.

          I can only add that Varoufakis (the self-proclaimed expert’in “Game Theory” and crack Finance mInister/guru) simply cannot be trusted in anything he says: he said there would be a “deal within days”… 6 weeks ago; he said last week that there would be no capital controls and the banks would not close, and look what has happened.
          By the way, he has also said this past week that he has never had to go to an ATM, BUT “might consider standing in line, if only to show solidarity”… How is that for a leader?

          • “he has also said this past week that he has never had to go to an ATM”
            Wooow… I didn’t know that. So does that mean that he smartly took all his money from the banks before capital control, or that means that he (again smartly) doesn’t even keep any money in Greek banks?!
            At the end I am wandering, was this “game theorist” playing a game with troika or with us, all these time?! (I am closer now to say that it was with us)
            A lot of questions to think about while I stand tomorrow in front of some atm

  2. The referendum is a farce. I support the communist view: vote invalid (or boycott) the referendum. It does not address any real question, the proposal is void since midnight of June 30th. If Tsipras thinks he can get a better deal, he should go and meet the creditors. If he thinks there is nothing more he can achieve, he should resign. If he has a Plan B, he should make it public and start to discuss it. Greece just lost another week after having lost months and years already.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      if Ref question in Russian real question would be understood.

    • Your summary is excellent – but does not seem to be the “communist view” as you indicate.
      It is rather the “common sense” view!

  3. The point is this, for the first time ever in Europe, the people have a say on whether to continue with the ‘jackboot oppression’ conditions of the troika or for the Greek government to negotiate a better way, a better deal for Greece. There will be winners and losers, the ones who fear the most are the ones with lots of money in euros. These people are supported in the yes campaign by much of the Greek media which is controlled by the people with….. lots of money. Of course, there is lots of propaganda and fear-mongering by the media, that is how they have always worked and this referendum is no different.
    Regardless, the fact the referendum is actually going ahead means something new is happening within Europe, initiated by Tsipras. In time, this new consciousness will also sweep across Spain (Pademos), the UK and other countries stifled by the oppressive policies of the IMF/USA/EU technocrats.
    Let the Greek people decide their future without false ideas about this or that happening. The EU cannot afford to lose any member states either from the eurozone or indeed the EU.

    • Well said Ellis.

      What a lot of people have not realised, is that the Greeks have been suffering for the past 5 years. But under whose government? Lets think, was’nt it the government of PASOK & Nea Dimokratia & then the coallition of the both of them? Yes it was. And now these ex government parties want us to vote YES so the shit rises above our heads. Better to vote NO. At least from then on we know how to react.

      We have had enough of these pressures from the outside.

      If these outsiders really wanted to help they would do it without harmful conditions and come with constructive ideas and help.

      These outsiders are scaremongering and using propaganda against their own people because the current situation suits the industrialists.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Germoney wins 1 billion extra profit from Greek bonds, plus 412 million Schäuble didn’t send to ESM on July 1st.
    Altogether 1.85 bn for 2014 and 1.5 bn for 2015 of Profit from Greek bonds that ESM had frozen get back to European states now.
    Germany wants also back its share of 532 for 2014.

  5. WHEN will the Council of State make its decision and publish it?

    Can the Council of State take into account both the Greek Consitution AND the rules of the EU – which also has rules governing the holding of referendums (and this one seems to breech those rules by not having 2 weeks leadtime, nor presence of EU observers)

    If the decision is to invalidate the referendum, who must take action? Tsipras? Immediately?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Now the Jerries and the Goose-steppers again but the Greek people had more than 5 years experience with the “measures” to make’em experts to decide.

  6. Expectations from the Council of State: I predict that the Council will APRROVE the referendum. Just look over their decisions summarized on the below link: they have essentially approved EVERY measure to roll back reforms that had been required by the Eurozone and IMF creditors. The Council of State is in league with Syriza.

    HEADLINE JUST IN: “Council of’State” rejects cancellation of referendum”. As expected…