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Athens: Draconian police measures for 7. Anniversary of Grigoropoulos’ murder

Several protest marches are scheduled for today Sunday on the 7th anniversary of the murder of teenager boy, Alexis Griogoropoulos by a police special guard.  Greek police is on alert and more than 5,000 policemen are expected to safeguard that the protest marches  do not end up in riots and damages or in occupation of public institutions like universities.

The first marches will start at 12 noon in downtown Athens, while the main protest is scheduled for 6 pm. Both protests will start outside the Athens University at Panepistimiou Avenue. Metro stations <Syntagma> and <Panepistimio> will be closed to public.

The protests are being organized by secondary and higher education students and organizations from the antiauthoritarian sphere.

Fire bombs against police, Portuguese tourists injured

For two consecutive nights, antiauthoritarians attacked riot police squads around the Exarchia district of Athens.

Molotov cocktails, stones, flares and other objects flew through the air, police replied with teargas, stun grenades and detentions.

On Friday night, among the 6 detainees were reportedly also a couple of German citizens.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, 4 Portuguese tourists came under attacked by the anarchists. they were inside a rented car and were driving to their hotel with the help of GPS. The driver, Richardo Fernando, 58, was slightly injured in the head when stones smashed the car windows. He was reportedly briefly hospitalized in an Athens hospital. The rented car was damaged.

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Call for “Black December”

Grigoropoulos’ friend, Nikos Romanos, currently in prison, has recently called anarchists to trigger a series of attacks against police and public institutions. Romanos’ call has the name “Black December”. Nikos Romanos and three other companions are in prison since February 2013, accused for the bank robbery of Velveto and suspected terrorism.

Nikos Romanos was present when his friend Alexis was murdered in the night of 6th December 2008 in a dark street of Exarchia. The teenager boy was shot for no reason.

The special guard who fired the shot and his colleague were sentenced to 10-year imprisonment. His colleague was released from prison in October 2011, for what it seems unbelievable reasons: to assist economically his family as his father was sick.

Grigoropoulos’ murder triggered extensive riots in downtown Athens on the night of his murder and the following anniversaries.

What happened on 6th December 2008?

PS you’re better advised to avoid the center of Athens – Syntagma, Omonoia, National Museum and Exarchia area – today.

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  1. It was peacfull till the socalled antiauthoritarians shown themself.
    are that the same People who spoile foodball games?
    howmany are there? maybe 400?
    Get them and send them to Syrie to isil, there they can throw petrolboms!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No, Greek heroes are always 300 and then they jumped into their helicopters to instigate riots in Iraklio, Kalamata, Salonika, Komotini, Agrinio and Volos and in the end they hindered Saint Nikolas from entering the town-hall of Syros because he came two weeks too early.