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Leftists occupy EU diplomatic representation over Refugee Crisis

Members of Left Unity occupied the diplomatic representation of the European Union in downtown Athens. Their goal was to protest the EU policy that turns Greece into a huge refugee camp but also the policies of austerity. Former SYRIZA ministers Panagiotis Lafazanis and Dimitris Stratoulis were heading the group of some 60 protesters.

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The leftists first put a stair outside the building and hang a banner. However the first protester who climber the strairs was a member of Vyronas Municipality Council. He was detained by the EU police guards, he was later released.

After having hung the banner, some protesters enter ed the building and symbolically occupied it for one hour.

Speaking to reporters, Lafazanis said that “the EU gets more and more the face of a political criminal organization that the only thing it does is implementing austerity measures and pushing refugees to the death.”

“The EU decisions concerning the Refugee Crisis violate international agreements,” Stratoulis said.

Both ex ministers and some other high-class SYRIZA officials left the government party after SYRIZA-ANEL signed the 3. bailout with the European creditors last summer. They formed “Left Unity” but the party did not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the Greek Parliament. The party supports return to Drachma.

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  1. But what,s wrong to become multicultural ? Those hardworking refugees will pay your pensions. And as soon white people will be minotity then all hate and bigotry dissapears and Greece will be paradise on Earth.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      sorry KTG, I’ve thought I’ve deleted the www-part of the link

    • I can’t wait for the day that people like you are a minority — and that has nothing to do with your skin colour but is related to your bigoted and stupid mentality.

    • Best way to solve Greek austerity created humanitarian crisis is for ALL Greeks to enter the masses of refugees heading to other EU countries. Then the only people left in refugee created humanitarian crisis will be those guarding external EU borders which can then be moved to FYROM or Turkey whichever Merkel prefers to pay 🙂

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        And I thought the concentrations camps are full of European slackers who pretend to be something to live for free in the Greek sun, people who speak of “refugee created humanitarian crisis” should walk from Athens to Marathon but I’m sure they will not make it as their legs will be open wounds after 5 kms

    • Where will they work? There are not enough jobs for Greeks since Troika destroyed the economy. More thann half the businesses in Greece have closed and even oligarchs are closing down their propaganda TV stations now. If bailout 3 goes through at least another third of the remaining businesses will close, and agriculture sector.

      And btw Juri your northern racism is showing: Syrians, Afghanis, Libyans, Iraqis etc ARE “white”. Just like you.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      You can take your white minority back and free America of the European master-races, 300 million invaders ready for deportation back to Europe

  2. Bravo! The EU is a disgrace to humanity. Every single decision it takes nowadays is right wing crap, and usually illegal.

  3. I thought it was POPULAR UNITY (Laïki Enotita) ?