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PM Edi Rama claims Greece owes Albanians for having saved Acropolis in 1686

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama had to dig deep in the home-cooked history of his country in order to counter the call by Greek Foreign Ministry to refrain from demolishing the homes of Greek minority members in Chimara.

Fantasist Edi Rama claimed that it was the Albanians who saved Acropolis and hindered the bombardment of the Antique jewel from the Venetian fleet.

Rama uploaded his deluled claim in his Facebook account together with a rotogravure of Acropolis and Athens from 1670.

Among others, the Albanian PM claims that in 1925 “the population of Athens was mainly Albanian” [sic!] and that “if the Acropolis still stands for the glory of humanity and culture, this is due to the vision of the Albanian archbishop of Athens, George Dousmanis (Gjergj Dushmani)  who in 1686, negotiated with Francesco Morosini, Doge of Venice, that the Venetian fleet would not bombard the city from the port of Faliro, because there was a Turkish garrison there.

Such a history of a city that was once according to authentic evidence and historians, mainly Albanian-speaking, does not make it absolutely an Albanian town, even though Athens owes something to Albanians for its great history.

Just in the same way, although the Himara experienced the Greek archipelago  and the Greek language as “common dialect” from the East through the maritime trade, in close and fruitful coexistence, this does not make it entirely a Greek province. Indeed, in all international conventions […] , its [Himaras] population is simply described as Albanian.”

Kjo gravurë e vjetër e Athinës e 1670 (qytet në të cilin, shkruante ende më 1925 princi grek fanariot Eugene Rizo-Rangabe, “…popullsia autoktone është edhe sot e kësaj dite kryesisht shqiptare”), na kujton, ndër të tjera se, nëse Akropoli i lashtë është ende në këmbë për lavdi të njerëzimit dhe qytetërimit, kjo i detyrohet edhe kurajos dhe vizionit të primatit shqiptar të Athinës, Gjergj Dushmanit! I cili, më 1686, negocioi me flotën veneciane të Francesco Morosinit që qyteti të mos bombardohej prej limanit të Falerës, edhe pse aty ndodhej një garnizon turk.


On October 28th, the mayor of Himara informed the Greek owners of 19 homes in that their homes will be demolished and they had a 5-day period to evacuate them. the settlement will be turned into a park.

On Sunday, the Greek Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying:

“We are following with great concern developments in Himara (Albania), where 19 families belonging to the Greek National Minority received notices according to which they have a deadline of five days to evacuate their homes, which are intended to be demolished.

It is unacceptable that Mayor Gorοs, while executing a government policy, put his signature on notices for imminent demolition of residences, which were then handed to the owners on the very day of our National Day.

The Albanian authorities must proceed immediately, on one hand, to the cancellation of the demolition order and, on the other hand, to meaningful consultations with the owners concerning Himara’s redevelopment plans.

The protection of property rights, and in particular of minority rights, is an integral part of the five conditions set by the European Union in order to start negotiations for the accession of Albania to the EU. Therefore, if Albania sincerely wishes to join the European Union, it should demonstrate in practice that it functions according to the principles of the rule of law, protecting the rights of all its residents regardless of their nationality and origin, against abuses and illegal acts.

The Greek Embassy in Albania continuously monitors the situation, always standing at the side of our Diaspora, and has raised the issue with the competent Albanian authorities, the competent international organizations and representatives of the international community at the highest levels.”

To tell you the truth I do not want to spend time in history books and counter Rama’s claims about the Albanian-speaking population of Athens and the …Archbishop of Athens in 1686.

But so much I can tell:

Gjergi Dushmani was from a Catholic family from the north of Albania and he was for sure not Archbishop of Athens.

In fact, there was no Archbishop of Athens the church in Greece occupied by the Ottomans was governing by the Patriarchate in Constantinople.

“Archbishop” of Athens in 1686 was the Metropolit Iakovos A’.

The Albanians (Arvanites) living in across Greece were Greek-Orthodox – and still are.

The Venetian Fleet was in Faliron in 1687 and despite Rama’s claim, they had indeed fired at the Acropolis which was used by the Ottomans as “store for gunpowder”. Morozini’s attack destroyed large part of the Acropolis. (source)

Having a mythmaker as Prime Minister is at least pathetic!

PS Albanians settled in Greece between 13th and 16th century, they spoke Arvanitika a dialect of the Albanian language along with Greek. Theyinitially settled in Thessaly, later Attica and Peloponnese. They were fully assimilated and their descendants are Greek-Orthodox and speak Greek.

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  1. The population of Athens in 1686 was a mix of Albanians and Greeks, with a few Turks (mostly housed on the Acropolis). The large number of mosques and churches in Plaka and Monistiraki is an indication of how the two ethnic groups coexisted. There were more churches than mosques, but the mosques were bigger…
    As a matter of amusement for non-Greeks, in the negotiations for the expansion of Greek territory in 1877 (Congress of Berlin), the Greek government claimed that there was no such thing as an Albanian and they were all Greeks who happened not to speak Greek! With this subterfuge, they tried to claim the territory that is now Albania. However, the Germans would have none of it. The Albanians supported the ottomans as a consequence of this manipulative Greek nonsense, which delayed the creation of Albania to just before world war one.
    I’m writing this just to point out that the Greeks have never behaved well to other nations in the Balkans, and it’s not really a surprise that nobody supports Greece now.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      aha. I suppose the same should be valid for Germans, dutch, French, British as former Colonialists?

      • Not sure what your point is, KTG. The colonial powers all supported the Greek revolution partly to carve up the Ottoman Empire, and partly in search of a Romantic idea of the origins of Europe. This is why so much of Greek thinking became obsessed with its classical roots, as opposed to its reality in the preceding 100 years.
        This romantic idea of Greece as the origin of Europe has disappeared, since the leading politicians of Europe are not the literati and educated aristocrats such as Churchill, but are predominantly crooks and charlatans concerned only with stealing money. It is a totally different picture from the Balkan distrust of Greece for historical reasons.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Churchill – What? Pl go into the next progressive book-store…
          Churchill was an Anti-Greek war-criminal who put thousands of Greek soldiers into concentration camps in Africa, trained Greek soldiers, ready to fight and shortly before joining the invasion of Sicily and Greece just because they had some red flags at their bases in Libanon and Palestine, also – before he secretly dealt out with Stalin about Greece – he was collaborating with the Nazis on Peleponnes and so started the cold war already in 44, not to mention his fucking British SS killing lots of demonstrators in Athens and his responsibility was also the fact that it was Greek partisans who had the honour not only to be the first teaching Greek kids modern Greek language in history but also be the first to be napalmed – and as we can see today cowardly bombs from the sky against enemies who are defenceless against airborne is a real cool fashion of war-criminals.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I know two -now- elederly men who were sent to UK camps in Egypt at the age of 7(!) and 12.

          • I am aware of the radical left’s views on Churchill, which are not really based on the contemporaneous reality. Churchill was of a class that idolised the British Empire, feared communism, and desperately wanted Greece as the foundations of Europe. His social class prized their command of Latin and Ancient Greek (to a standard that few Greeks can reach today) and that was my point. His politics and his methods do not meet with my personal approval — but the fact is that if it had not been for Churchill, Greece could have been part of the Soviet Union, or alternatively annexed to Tito’s Yugoslavia. How that would have played out, who knows?

          • For once I agree with you. For all his faults Churchill saw the reality of the Nazis and constantly pointed out the looming danger, as did some others. Churchill has at heart a romantic and that explains his attitude to Greece. The fact that Greece did not become a part of the Soviet Union is down to him and the ‘deal’ he made with Stalin at Yalta. It is thanks to Churchill that Greece is not today a Germany colony. Oh. . . . . .

          • Churchill also wanted to open a front in what then became Yugoslavia instead of opening it in Italy. He rightfully feared that the Balkans would be overrun by the Soviets and become communist. The Americans instead deciced for opening the front in Italy.

    • I have the impression that nobody from the Balkans really behaved well towards other nations in the Balkans, not just Greece. Not to mention countries outside of the Balkans.
      Then there is the matter of “who was first in the Balkans” and therefore autochtonous and therefore apparently entitled to it all. Notions of “Greater”-something are never far away.

      • Fair enough: they all behaved badly, which is why there have been so many wars in the Balkans in the 20th century.

        • And before. The history of that area is so probematic that I wonder if it will ever work out fine. Anything can happen at any moment that can trigger something. In Western Europe we don’t have that of a problematic history. Sure, there were wars and everybody had problems with the Germans (and to some extent still do) but there are not these ethnic tensions.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Other neighbours are even more stupid and don’t step back although these stupid jerks believe in god – it’s also very strange that such idiots can finish schools and get college diploma, although their stupidity is F Minus and never left kindergarten

  3. Edi Rama’s statement is full of inaccuracies. For example, he said that there was an Archbishopric of Athens in the 17th Century:

    “Albanian archbishop of Athens, George Dousmanis (Gjergj Dushmani) who in 1686”

    However this is incorrect. The Archbishopric of Athens did not exist before the 20th Century. Until then, the spiritual leader whose Athens was under the jurisdiction, was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, and not the Archbishop of Athens.

    This is just a mere example showing Rama’s lack of education on this matter. Rama is a politician, not historian, and I recommend that he does something to improve the lives of his impoverished people rather than waste time with incorrect history lessons.

  4. Too late guys. You ought to have submitted your invoice by 1786.
    Or … maybe the Greeks could put the money in an escrow account,

    and use it to aid illegal Albanian migrant workers currently in Greece.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you know if Greeks were bold they should have answer to Rama: Albanians owe to Greece for having hosted and gave jobs to thousands in the 1990’s after the pyramids collapsed.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        They have learnt from history, German tourists who wanted to excuse for occupation and never paid war-reparations in the 70ies and 80ies often received a thank you for being a tourist and that our people found a job and exile in Germoney – many Greek restaurants in Europe originally were influenced by this too and being a refuge for refugees from the Junta

  5. The acient greeks are no more, the current greek popularity is a mix of bulgarians, serbs, turks and albanians (chams and arvanitians)…Don´t lie yourself! I am italian and i study Albanology including the history of balkans. Greece stole so much history from albanians, chams and illyrian/pellasgian that there is a shame. But the time will prove you very wrong. The Albanians will get their history back. My Team and I will fought for this, because there is a amazing story abaout the albanians and their forfathers the illyrians! GREECE SHAME ON YOU!

    • Yeah and Homer, and Sophocles, and Aristotle, and Plato there were all Albanians. And, of course, they all wrote in Albanian… and we are all Albanians in Greece. Thank you for informing us!

      • I didn’t know either – their problem is just that they have problems with their own history & try to reconstruct it

      • The link between modern Greeks and the persons you name, is very weak indeed — as shown by genetic research. The main linkage is the Greek language and script — but this is something recent. Most of the population in the Ottoman period were illiterate, and spoke multiple languages — Albanian, Greek, Armenian,Italian, and a very large number of dialects and minority languages. The mass delusion that modern Greeks are closely related to ancient Greeks is just nationalist propaganda. Greeks are a modern hybrid nation, with diverse ethnic origins.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          who has this ‘mass delusion”?

          • Ahh… quite a lot of Greek people:-)

          • keeptalkinggreece


          • From internet discussions, it seems like millions… but I doubt that so many are deluded. Who knows?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            then we say “some Greeks” 🙂

          • Same old crap; Greeks are a mix etc. Numerous studies, including DNA studies, have shown a much stronger connection between the inhabitants of Greece now and the classical times. This “ethno-nihilist” idea of a random mix does not explain the uniformity of national conscience and the language. Had there not been natives as a majority in this place, the language would have suffered the fate of the Egyptian language: disappear.

          • No. The genetic profiling across Greece shows quite weak similarities between different parts of Greece, and some strange strong similarities such as between FYR Macedonia and Crete. There is no Greek ethnic group. Full stop. However, I did not say it is a random mix: why would it be random?!
            As for the role of language and “national conscience”, try reading the historical literature on late 19th and early 20th century Greece. The main activity of the police in those periods, according to Kitromilides, was to prosecute for not speaking Greek, displaying Slavic signs in shop windows, daring to question the direction of the Greek state and its “national consciousness”. In plain language, the residents of Greece were forced into Orthodoxy and Greekness — on pain of imprisonment.