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Trump wins – A painful change for the Greek government

Trump’s victory must have shocked the Greek government. The planned 2-day visit of outgoing US President Back Obama in Athens on November 15th will take place in a new dimension as the Democrats will be replaced by the Republicans in the White House.

The left-wing government had put all its bet on Obama’s influence to achieve a deal with Germany on Greek Debt Relief as he plans to visit Berlin right after Athens.

Officially Obama will still be in the White House when he will stand in the Ancient Pnyka and address the Greeks with Acropolis in the background. But how much can he practically do for the Greeks?

In his pre-election campaign the new President Donald trump did not waste a single word on the debts of countries other than the USA. It is certainly puzzling whether Trump will indeed implement an indifferent foreign policy.

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier
“We must adjust to the fact that American foreign policy will get less predictable in the near future”
It is also not clear how Trump will influence the International Monetary Fund on Greece’ debt. It’s certainly too early to say or make predictions while sailing in unknown waters.

While Defense Minister and junior coalition partner, nationalist Panos Kammenos, (Independent Greeks) congratulated Trump via his twitter account, SYRIZA and the government has kept silent so far.

It was just government sources who commented to media that:

The Greek government has been prepared for both possibilities [Trump or Clinton], given the failure of pollsters to predict any electoral result in past years.

There is no indication that US policy towards Greece on program review timetable/debt will change after Trump’s election.

PS I have no idea what kind of preparations the Greek government has made to meet the new Trump challenge. But I’m sure it misses Obama and the Democrats already.

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  1. It looks like the free ride for Greece is over.
    The Greeks have used all of their aces and now must must get to work.

    Debt relief (haircuts) and term adjustments have been played out.

    Greeks have always wanted to play with the big boys. It’s now time to put up or shut up or else remain a basket case banana republic forever.

    It’s time the Greeks learn how to put on a tie and join the civilised world.
    Shlomo has spoken……

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Greek has approved Shlomo’s crap

    • What the **** are you talking about? Trump is the US’s biggest scrounger and welfare recipient! The guy is not only a vulgar loudmouth, he is also a lazy richkid who has grown up to think that he can do as he likes. He has plenty in common with the Greek Pasok and ND scrounging class — and as the recipient of massive US government bailouts and payments for nothing should feel quite sympathetic to Greece.

      • Is this Hillary typing? Go take your medications. Sorry, but you lost. Thanks for playing.

        • Do you think it is a game to elect the biggest scumbag in the USA as the president? Sane people across the world cannot believe how stupid Yankees are: you exceed our worst expectations.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      After 400 years of Ottoman occupation Greece is already civilized, unlike “America” that still is occupied by lazy and filthy European migrants and terrorists who put up illegal states and have “elections” on stolen land and who think they have the racist rights to steal whole continents. Europe will soon have to take’em all back when America and Australia is free at last.