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First time Black Friday: Thousands line up for a free lip stick (video)

For the first time, Greece introduces the Black Friday shopping although the country does not celebrate Thanksgiving. However, in Greece of the economic crisis, boosting sales and private sector revenues is the A and O of an economy that has been stagnating for the last 6-7 years. Therefore, we imported the Black Friday frenzy shopping habit from the USA.

And because here we are in Greece and not used to the sales of Black Friday yet that can also occur on a Sunny Thursday and thus coincide with the Thanksgiving Day we do not celebrate… YES! We Are Confused! Because all TV commercials hail Sales on a …Friday!

This does not bother us to be eager to snap the opportunity and purchase goods 50% cheaper than usual. One TV reporter explained yesterday, that retailers are not allowed to sell cheaper than 50% – blame the Greek laws, the Greek Gods and the Greek stubbornness.

So it looks as if the Black Friday started in Thessaloniki today, Thursday, and thousands lined up outside a shop in the city center to get a free lip stick.

The shop has announced to give away one lip stick to the first 250 customers. According to information from local website, the give away snap would be given to the first 250 customers who would make a purchase.

Many lip stick obsessed women reportedly left, tired of waiting for incredible long time.

Anyway, what I understand from TV reports is that the Black Friday Sales will last for 4 days. That is if they started today, they will go on until next Monday, if they start tomorrow Friday, they will last until next Tuesday.

PS It is our country and we do what we want. Without or Without Thanksgiving and turkey – but always with Turkey.

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  1. I’m an American, and Black Friday in the US always confused me. First there is a day when Americans say they sit down to a family dinner to give thanks for all the wonderful “blessings” they have. Then the very next day they line up in the predawn darkness to wildly buy more stuff as if they seriously lacked things.