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Live Cockroaches in Greece’s public hospitals (videos)

Cockroaches in Greek public hospitals? Cockroaches in Greek public hospitals. the union of workers in public hospitals POEDIN published two videos showing alive and kicking cockroaches in their daily tour through walls and patients’ beds.

In one of the video, two insects are happily wandering around on the wall of a hospital room.

In the second video, a lonesome insect is seen to contemplate about an upcoming inspection of the bed of a patient.

It is not know whether the videos were shot in one or two public hospitals and when.

The unionists brought the videos to a meeting with state minister Christoforos Vernardakis urging him to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister.

PS I don’t recognize the hospital or the cockroaches – one of them might be the one wandering around the bed of my fresh operated dad 25 years ago. But they don’t live that long, do they?

I also realize that the cockroaches on the videos are not particularly active. They look kind of hesitant and thoughtful. The one I have in mind was very active and if I am not wrong it used to let her kids go around as well from time to time. Maybe they are more active in summer. Who knows…

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  1. Please do not bother the PM with such things as cockroaches. Unless they can be persuaded to vote for his party in the next election…