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Santorini treasuries: Volcano, Caldera, sunset and many more!

Santorini in the Aegean Sea: Breathtaking views, picturesque architecture, stunning sunsets, awesome beaches, crystal clears water, excellent weather. And then the food and wine. Local products with the famous tomato and fava beans. And wineries. Thirteen wineries on a single island producing unique wines because of the volcano soil What else can one desire for a dream holiday in Greece? An amazing sunrise!

I stumbled upon a travel article from Ireland urging visitors of Santorini to wake up early in the morning stressing “there is nothing like a Santorini sunrise.”

Get up early for the sunrise

Believe me when I say, there is NOTHING like a Santorini sunrise. Get up early to make sure you catch a glimpse of it, and bring your camera. If you’re staying on the side of the island in front of the volcano, you’ll be in for a treat.

Always thought it was the sunset that was amazing in Santorini – and in fact as seen by every island in the Aegean Sea. there is some magic in the air over the Aegean that turns the sunsets into …

I was twice on Santorini at much younger age though and I probably was not able to appreciate its generous beauties  which I would appreciate now. At that time I was in love with another island, Sifnos, which I was convinced it was by the most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea.

My two short trips to Santorini were just a holiday break from my summer vacation on Sifnos. 🙂

But then again, on Santorini, something unexpected can happen. To anyone. Like traveller Matt Barrett, who I think he also keeps a healthy distance to the island.

“When I woke up I started walking towards Fira and that was the first time I saw the volcano. I had no idea there could be anything so spectacular. It was mind boggling and all I could do was stare at this enormous crater filled with sea, so high that the boats anchored below Thira looked like toys and the wind on the water looked like calligraphy.”

Barrett was impressed by the sea filling the volcano crater.

“that big awe inspiring hole that just makes everything else irrelevant when you stare at it.”


The Volcano is one of … or better say the most important landmark in Santorini. The entire bay of Santorini is a volcano crater.

It erupted 3,600 years ago and split the island of Thera, which is now called Santorini. Scientists believe that the tsunamis crippled the Bronze Age civilizations that had thrived in the prehistoric Aegean for more than 2,000 years. A chain reaction.

The powerful eruption blasted 80 cubic kilometres of rock into the sea and caused the collapse of the island’s caldera, or volcanic crater.

The caldera collapse triggered nine-meter high tsunamis that smashed into the shores of Crete, dealing a severe blow to the Minoan civilization that had dominated the region until that time.120 kilometers away.

Ultimately, the volcano itself collapsed into the sea. The caldera measures about 12 by 7 km , with 300 m  high steep cliffs on three sides.

The remainings of the volcano crate, the colorful volcanic stones of the Caldera,  you can see  on the east side of the island.

And if you feel like doing nothing, just lay down and relax.

By the way: Santorini s very trending this year.
Weather highest temperatures on the island have currently an average of 16-20 degrees Celsius in the sun. But that’s because of the month April and its usuelly unstable weather. From May on, things will get much better.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    The water got much clearer the last 30 years, because the sea is already dead empty. Kill all the last animals inside and you get best motives for postcards and more stupid and blind idiots.
    Uprisings are best to be seen in Perissa as the sun comes up from behind Anafi, one can wait in the night on the sun-beds close to the camping there at the frat rock, it’s funny to try to catch the sun rising over the sea alone, without the island, but you have to run a mile or two at the beach, direction Akrotiri for.
    Be sure after that sight you wanna leave Santorini immediately and head for Anafi…