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Juncker claims ‘English is losing importance in Europe’ due to Brexit

For some weird reason, European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker believes that when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, EU citizens will stop using the language that has been adopted by millions people as lingua franca: English!

“English is losing importance in Europe” Juncker said and opted  to deliver a speech in Florence, Italy, in …French!

He gave the comments, which are unlikely to mend fences after a war of words between Brussels and London over Brexit negotiations, at the “State of the Union” conference in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio — an annual event for European dignitaries.

Juncker said he was opting for French because

“slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe and France has elections this Sunday and I want the French people to understand what I am saying about the importance of the EU.”

The Commission president tackled the row that erupted over a private meeting he had with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May last week.

In Florence, Juncker said, “[Brexit] is no small event. Of course we will negotiate with our British friends in full transparency. But there should be no doubt whatsoever about the idea that it is the EU that is abandoning the UK. It is the opposite in fact. It is the U.K. that is abandoning the EU.”

Apart from this personal rift with UK, I don’t want to suspect that the European Commission plans to replace English as one of the 24 languages of EU and the most used by EU’s civil servants. In fact, English is the most dominant language within the EU institutions and the communications between the member states.

They don’t seriously plant to change this!? Do they?

Last year, amid the Brexit debate, some members of the European Parliament had warned that as soon as UK leaves the EU the English language will lose its status.

The EU commission had reportedly already last summer started using French and German more often in its external communications, as a symbolic move to ‘punish’ the UK.

According to regulations listing official the languages of the EU, if EU27 member states desire to keep English as an official language, they have to vote unanimously.

As I said last year

English will always be the official language of

whatever the outcome of the Commission-UK animosity.

I want to go to EU websites after Brexit and see only French, Czech and Polish… I don’t mind German, it’s only that bureaucratic German is unbelievable ‘woody’ and the long word constructions like Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung or Arbeiterunfallversicherungsgesetz  will blast my brain cells.

Image result for Linear A

Linear B

But the solution for austerity-ridden Europe would be the use of Linear A or Linear B, the undeciphered writing systems used in ancient Greece, in form of hieroglyphics. Using the Linear scripts will save money and time.

Image result for Linear A

Linear A

Nobody understands the EU language of bureaucracy  and regulations except the EU bureaucrats, anyway.


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  1. I think it’s a threat ..
    It looks like a threat .. don’t you think.
    Britain has zipped up the open purse to the European Union & they are feeling the pinch.
    Like the little girl friends at school .. “we don’t like you any more .. na na na.”
    It is exactly what an old woman like Jean-Claude Junkerbond would say.

  2. This is just stupid, it’s Drunker (sorry I meant Juncker) throwing his toys out of the pram because the UK doesn’t want to play his games any more. English is the international language, not just in Europe but across the world. I’ve heard Chinese people talking to Portuguese people using English, I’ve even heard French and Germans conversing in English. I have to say though that the UK doesn’t really care. The EU can make French the official language of the EU if they like, the rest of the world will still communicate in English.

  3. Good one Tony! The French can have the language and leave leadership and decisions to the Germans. They have acquired this little …skill since their brave “resistance” in WWII!
    Unbelievable to see the (ex) country of freedom and revolution humiliated in this way.