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Dijsselbloem’s “alcohol and women” subject of university entrance exams

Tensions within the Eurogroup and particularly Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s derogatory comments regarding the European South was one of the subjects in exams for university entrance.

In Valencia, Spain, aspiring university students were asked to develop their thoughts on the most famous statement of the head of Eurogroup: the countries of the European South spent the aid they have received in alcohol and women.

Students had to write an essay on an article “The prejudices against the PIGS” published in the Spanish newspaper “El Periodico”. The author was criticizing Dijsselbloem’s statement regarding Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. She was asking European authorities to be “democratic and rigorous” at a time when the European project was questioned by the Brexit.

The topic was one of the three in section Language and Literature for students targeting a place in Computer Science.

With his comments in March, Dijseeelbloem triggered an outrage not only in the European South. Many politicians, incl the President of the European Parliament, called for his resignation.

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