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Racist woman with “Greece” on t-shirt harasses Mexican family (video)

Things are getting out of control over there, in the United States of Donald Trump. An obviously  racist woman full of prejudice harasses a Mexican family driving through her neighborhood.

She preforms a citizens arrest on a Mexican family.

The self-proclaimed ‘police’ asks the poor family for driving license, when she apparently saw them driving in her neighborhood.

“Do you have drugs in the car? Let me see you insurance…” she tells them among others accusing them of  wanting to “do or sell drugs.”


She wears a sky-blue t-shirt with a script reading “ΕΛΛΑΣ” – ‘Greece’. The script is in ancient Greek characters which reminds of some fascists in Greece who ally with white supremacists over there.

More dangerous than a racist is a drunken racist.

What a clown who believes she is empowered to make street controls to people who do not look white.

video source: mediatakeout on FB

PS I only hope she is not of Greek descent, she got the t-shirt online and she never put a foot in Greece.

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  1. Basket Of Deplorables

    I think she was mad because Taco Bell was closed. She decided to take her wrath out on some beaners!

  2. This woman with her sorry ass and her greek shirt should just go back to Greece where she came from. She at one time was also an immigrant. They give the rest of us Greeks in the States and Canada a bad stigma.

  3. Ellas is written in ancient Greek???!!!!!
    Haha no limit to ignorance.
    For goodness sake she is American, never heard a Greek speak English with an accent like that.
    In addition latest tourist figures for this year is excess of 30 million so very good chance she toured there and there is always Ebay of course to buy that shirt.
    She sounds like a Trumpette, lol!!!