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Lawyer injured by flare during Athens riots in critical condition (shocking video)

The 55-year-old woman who was injured during the riots in Exarchia in downtown Athens on Friday night remains in critical condition. After a 5-hour surgery in the leg, the lawyer remains in intensive care and is intubated. The woman has reportedly suffered a fracture and also respiratory problems due to inhalation of tear gas, media report.

The lawyer was injured while she was talking with a reporter covering the riots.

The directly fired flare stuck in her left knee and kept burning for one minute.

The woman fell on the ground screaming “I’m on fire!”

Video: Warning, graphic pictures

According to Greek section of euronews, riot police came to her aid with fire extinguishers but it was impossible, they tried to extinguished the fire with their feet. The flare burned out after a minute.

The woman was carried into another street nearby, an ambulance was called and she was taken to a nearby hospital short after 10 o’ clock at night.

The lawyer was injured during the riots that broke out in downtown Athens on early Friday evening after the peaceful march for the 44. Anniversary of the 1973 Students’Uprising.

Police has arrested 16 rioters of different nationalities who face also felony charges. It is not clear whether among the arrested is also the person who fired the flare.

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