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Turkish court remands custody for two Greek soldiers (video)

A Turkish court in Edirne remanded custody for the two Greek soldiers who will be tried for illegal entry in the country. They will remain in custody until Monday until Monday, March 5th 2018. After the court decision the two were taken to the local prison. KTG understands that the trial hearing will be on Monday.

Earlier, Turkish media had reported that the two Greek soldiers who accidentally cross into Turkey, may face charges also for “attempted espionage.” No such charges were raised.

Turkish media gave their names as Aggelos Mitraitodis (lieutenant) and Dimitri Kouklatzis (solider).

Citing Greek military sources, state broadcaster ERT reported that the two Greek soldiers accidentally entered Turkey in the area of Evros, the natural border between the two countries due to bad weather conditions. “The snow was 40-50 cm high, the soldiers got lost and left the Greek path,” the report said.

The soldiers were immediately intercepted by a Turkish patrol group that reportedly allowed them to call their supervisors and inform them that they are being arrested.

The incident took place on Thursday noon. More details here.

Talks between the two countries are running at highest possible diplomatic and military level, earlier the Greek government spokesman said that the two were “expected to return soon.”

The incident takes place amid increasing tensions between Ankara and Athens.

However, such incident seem to be no rarity in the area and are normally solved within minutes.

“So why the arrest?” Greek analysts ask.

Apparently the Turkish Army, in this case the Gernarme, and the Judicial authorities are waiting for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, currently on Africa tour, to return to the country and decide whether he can extort the case politically – Like pressure concessions from Greece on the right Turkish soldiers Ankara desperately demands to have them extradited from Greece.

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